View Full Version : Latency / Clock / Pass Priority / Packet drop bug

10-11-2014, 03:34 PM
In a competitive draft today, and 1 last night, I've been experiencing connection issues to the server after passing priority. What happens is my opponents clock continues to click down. I wait, and wait. After anywhere between 15 seconds and 3 minutes, the priority pass resolves. My time/clock drops down to the time I waited, and my opponents clock jumps back up to where it was before the server decided I never passed priority. This would happen randomly throughout a game, not a specific phase or time. Generally seemed to happen more towards the end of the second main phase.

One way I test if this is happening to me is by typing a message in chat. The chat message if you are having issues will not immediately appear, until your last pass priority resolves. Sending a chat message tends to speed up the response time for the pass priority to resolve.

I think there may be packet loss happening where the game forgets that you pass priority, and thinks you are still making a decision. It later seems to do a recheck and finally moves the game forward.

I am not sure what this bug is, but I am using ventrilo with no ping issues, and watching a stream with no packet loss. I believe this bug to be server side.

I lost at least 10 minutes off each round in the drafts I was playing. I don't need to submit a ticket for reimbursement, but would really like to see this resolved. It's great to see the game playing so smoothly, but bugs like this that lose responsiveness to the server need to be fixed ASAP as well.