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10-21-2014, 08:06 AM
I tend to play a lot and my Super Hero cards have been greatly damage despite my best attempts to protect them. (Lamination peeling off, wear and tear, etc.)

I was wondering if it was possible to have all the Super Hero (and eventually Super Villain from Forever Evil) card images posted somewhere on the Cryptozoic website or on the forum so that I can print them out on the same size as the Main Deck cards? I've tried scanning mine, but obviously I will never be able to reproduce the original digital image.

I have found some (Heroes Unite Super Heroes were posted on the website among some others), but some of their qualities are off or it isn't all of them. So could those images in their entirety be made downloadable for this purpose? Thanks in advance.

10-24-2014, 08:33 AM
*Bump for response*

11-26-2014, 09:02 AM
*Cough* Bump for response again.

Hopefully Forever Evil images go with it.

11-26-2014, 09:36 PM
Until you get a response on this, here is a link to the thread over at Board Game Geeks with some useful sleeve info. The sleeves listed there for the oversized cards work real well. I use them and my Super Hero cards have almost no visible wear.


12-04-2014, 12:26 PM
The idea behind this post isn't to protect my character cards as the wear and tear on them is already enough to make them look bad. The concept is I want to have a copy of these cards at the size of standard 2.5" x 3.5" cards.

I understand that Cryptozoic does not want to make these images available to the public for fear of reproducing them and selling them (a completely valid fear), however I feel like the majority of players like myself aren't involved on these forums with the goal of cashing in on Cryptozoic's idea. I generally enjoy the game a vast amount and I play countless times a week. My want though is merely for aesthetic purposes of having everything in an easier and safer format.

I've scoured the internet and found a few possibilities in reproducing these cards with the exact same format that Cryptozoic, basically a full-on replica. I'm actually in the process of doing this so that I can make these images for my own keeping. The only thing is I don't want to sit down and spend the time re-creating what Cryptozoic has made amazing the first time around. I have purchased all the cards, my goal is simply to create an easier to use and keep protected copy of your game pieces. I am fully aware that all this content belongs to either Cryptozoic or DC and all rights are reserved.

I would appreciate a response from a Cryptozoic employee even if it is to explain to me that my request cannot be fulfilled at all.

12-04-2014, 06:31 PM
Working on it.

12-04-2014, 07:33 PM
Awesome, thank you very much Matt.

12-05-2014, 08:31 AM
Also Matt, if possible could the images for the Victory Point tokens from Forever Evil be available as well?

I wanted to print them at the standard card size as well since it would be easier to keep track of and dish out instead of the tiny cut outs.

Thanks again for the reply and assistance in the matter, aside from being a fun and unique game engine, I've gotten nothing but help any time I've posted on the forums.

12-05-2014, 12:22 PM
I'm actually working on a template for VPs ATM.

Here's an example.


12-05-2014, 12:38 PM
That's really nice andjosh05. I would love to use those. If you post them up here, that would be sweet.

What size are you making them?

12-05-2014, 02:59 PM
I've found that oversized sleeves are fairly cheap on ebay.

If they go past the top of the card you're golden. My base game, heroes unite, street fighter, crisis, and soon to be quite used forever evil superhero cards have all survived very well through collectively hundreds of games.

I purchased sleeves that measured 80 mm x 120 mm. The width leaves a little leeway and the top leaves a lot of leeway. This way, when you put the hero cards in your box, you have a flap on tops to pull out more easily than before.

While I haven't done it because I want to be able to change a sleeve as soon as it's torn or dirtied, you can fold over the top flap and tape it to seal it the same way you can tape seal a comic book in a comic bag. or go crazy and laminate the sleeve so that no harm comes to the cardboard itself--but laminating so many cards could get really expensive and makes them huge so I'd stick with just keeping them in the sleeves themselves, taped or not.

The leeway on the sleeves also allows for relatively safe shuffling when you want to randomize the heroes. The only issue is that the sleeves, if clear, will show the backs, and between the different expansions and base, the backs are different shades of the same colors, so you can kind of tell which sets of heroes you get/are picking from when they're face down.

12-08-2014, 07:59 AM
I get what you're saying benjoewoo and I'm sure the sleeves are great for keeping the cards in great condition. The problem I'm having though is not keeping them safe, but producing a new set to keep safe. Mine are damaged to a high level.

I'm interested in replacing them (obviously keeping the originals). I want a fresh set that looks nice and since I can't just go online and buy all the character cards, then my next best bet is to print them at a high quality to use, but in an easier to keep safe format (standard card size).

12-10-2014, 09:29 AM
New update on this Matt?

12-10-2014, 10:11 AM
Just finished my Standard-Sized Template. It includes options for Super Heroes, Crisis Super Heroes, and Super-Villains.

Mediafire Link:

Hope this helps. You'll have to find the fonts on your own, though.

12-10-2014, 03:01 PM
Very nice andjosh05. I've seen a couple of templates like it, I think my major problem with all this is I'm not well-versed in Photoshop and finding the images for all of these isn't easy nor fun.

I suppose if Matt cannot provide them for me, I'll resort to my graphic designer friend and see if he can make this dream come true. But thank you again for your help.

Also andjosh05, where do you stand with the VP templates? I really liked that and it's more ideal than dice to me.

12-18-2014, 12:25 PM
*Crickets chirping as I wait... impatiently...*

12-18-2014, 04:15 PM
If you want the card template at normal size, I have posted a link to one I made on the BoardGameGeek forums. It includes the option for the CRISIS tag.

01-16-2015, 02:31 PM
Matt, any update on this? My poor Character cards have seen better days lol.