View Full Version : DC Deck Building Game 1v1 Tournament in Miami, FL

11-13-2014, 07:12 AM
On Sunday, November 16th, Avalon Game Shop in Miami, FL will be hosting a 1v1 DC Deck Building Game Tournament at a $5 entry cost.

Avalon Game Shop is located at 20321 Old Cutler Road, Cutler Bay, FL 33189 and their number is (305) 255-6900.

The tournament is set up as 1v1 to provide a higher skill based tournament, rather than luck based when in a 4-man free-for-all setting (the Line-Up can change drastically from a player's turn to his next turn in 4-player, while in 1v1, a player can control more the changes that occur).

The tournament will be played with DC Deck Building Game and DC Deck Building Game: Heroes Unite throughout the tournament (as supplies allow), making it so players are forced to be skilled at both versions of the game released thus far.

All Super Hero over-sized cards are going to be legal for play in each game (excluding Cyborg Crisis).

There are more rules and restrictions than just named here (none that counter any of the existing rules given here on the forums or actual Cryptozoic rulings as we want the game to be true to the game designer's intent). These rulings can be found on the Avalon Game Shop Facebook page and also will be provided at the day of the tournament. (Most of the rulings refer to the way the tournament matches are organized and how picking your Super Heroes will be executed)

To anyone capable of making it, you are encouraged to bring your own copies of the DC Deck Building Game so that ample copies are available to the tournament.

Prizing will be issued in store credit to players who make top cuts, however with enough players 1st place may be issued a pre-order of the DC Deck Building Game: Forever Evil stand-alone game edition.