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11-27-2014, 08:54 AM
Has anyone had any experience using a pre constructed, customized main deck in DC Deck Building, using cards from all the the different expansions? (Similar to a cube in Magic)

We have a weekly game night and we always play DC Deck Building game, looking to further customize our weekly game. Intrigued by this idea and seeing if others have had success.

Thanks! :D

11-27-2014, 07:16 PM
Oh, I can help with that. :D

I've built my deck using cards from base, Heroes Unite, and Crisis 1.
My deck has:
34 Equipment
28 Super Powers +18 Kicks (slightly larger kick stack)
35 Villains
35 Heroes
8 Locations
140 Cards total

18 Defense cards, 14 Attack cards
26 "draw" cards other than the Locations (especially important to Flash and Robin)
20 Cards with cost 2 (important for Crisis mode)
Average cost of cards in the deck is 4.17 (average cost should be close to 4)

This deck works extremely well with competitive or cooperative modes. I'd say my wife and I play with just the two of us as often as we do with our friends, so we play several 2-4 person games and the deck works great. Cards that are overly powerful (Sciencell, Kyle Raynor, Clayface, etc.) were removed, and I tried to maintain usefulness for all cards (so plenty of good combos). I'm willing to break it out and get a full list if you need it, as well as discuss reasons for my choices (more draw cards to improve the otherwise weak Flash, a fairer balance of card types, why I chose the locations I did, etc.).

I'm looking forward to editing it again after Forever Evil.

11-28-2014, 08:45 AM
Great! Would love to see your list when you get a chance.

Agreed, looking forward to the new set and interactions. Super excited the game is getting support and has new cards/sets coming up. Especially looking forward to hearing more about the Joker/Batman Rivals game.


11-28-2014, 04:25 PM
Quiver of Arrows x2
Lasso of Truth
Legion Flight Ring x3
Batarang x3
Nth Metal
Power Ring x3
Aquaman's Trident x2
Bo Staff x2
Helmet of Fate x2
Green Arrow's Bow x2
Signature Trenchcoat x2
The Cape and Cowl x2
Soultaker Sword
Skeets x2
Magician's Corset
The Bat-Signal x2
White Lantern Power Battery
Mind Control Hat

Flight x2
Power of the Green x2
Super Speed x3
Force Field x2
X-Ray Vision
Canary Cry x2
Bulletproof x2
Power of the Red
Magic x2
Starbolt x3
Heat Vision x2
Shazam! x2
Super Strength x2

Kid Flash
Plastic Man
High-Tech Hero
Daughter of Gotham City
Sonic Siren
Zatana Zatara
Animal Man
Hero of the Future
Swamp Thing
Green Arrow
Crimson Whirlwind
John Constantine
King of Atlantis
Wonder of the Knight
Dark Knight
The Fastest Man Alive
Emerald Knight
Warrior Princess
Blue Beetle
J'onn J'onzz
Captain Atom
Winged Warrior
Princess Diana of Themyscira
Jason Blood
World's Mightiest Mortal
Man of Steel

Ocean Master
Harley Quinn
The Riddler
Poison Ivy
Jervis Tetch
The Penguin
Mr. Zsasz
Killer Frost
Dr. Sivanna
Killer Croc
Suicide Squad x3
Psycho Pirate
Red Lantern Corps
Granny Goodness
Gorilla Grodd
Solomon Grundy
Brother Blood
Black Lantern Corps
Avatar of the Rot
The Demon Etrigan

House of Mystery
The Rot
Gotham City
New Genesis
Titan's Tower

I already know certain cards will get replaced by their Forever Evil versions (like Harley Quinn and Catwoman) and certain cards are cut (I think Suicide Squad is finally going). I very much need greater variety of super powers to improve Superman.

11-30-2014, 10:22 AM
If i remember correctly, harley quinn doesnt have a villian card. Just a couple cards that revolve around her ability.

12-06-2014, 01:27 PM
Main Deck x102 cards

Locations x13
The Batcave
Fortress of Solitude
Titans Tower
The Watchtower
Arkham Asylum
New Genesis
Gotham City
The Rot
House of Mystery

Equipment x29
Green Arrow’s Bow
The Bat-Signal
Nth Metal
Aquaman’s Trident
Sagat’s Eyepatch
White Lantern Power Battery
Power Ring
Red Lantern Power Ring
Yellow Lantern Corps Power Ring
Indigo Tribe Power Ring
Blue Lantern Power Ring
Star Sapphire Power Ring
Orange Lantern Power Ring
Green Lantern Power Ring
Legion Flight Ring
Balrog’s Gloves
Chun-Li’s Bracelets
Mind Control Hat
The Cape And Cowl
Soultaker Sword
Lasso of Truth
Helmet of Fate
Tanden Engine
Vega's Claw & Mask
Signature Trenchcoat
Magician's Corset
Bo Staff

Super Powers x26
Super Speed
Flying Barcelona
Heat Vision
Sonic Boom
Yoga Teleport
Super Strength
Tiger Shot
Psycho Crusher
Canary Cry
Electric Thunder
Force Field
Power of the Green
Shippu Jinraikyaku
Hundred Hand Slap
Dash Straight
Power of the Red
Rolling Thunder

Heros x31
Man of Steel
The Fastest Man Alive
King of Atlantis
World’s Mightiest Mortal
Hero of the Future
Soldier of Justice
J’onn J’onzz
Zatanna Zatara
Swamp Thing
Blue Beetle
High-Tech Hero
Kid Flash
Jason Blood
Red Cyclone
Hot-Blooded Sumo
Wonder of the Knight
Mystic Yogi
John Constantine
Princess Diana of Themyscira
Ken Masters
Winged Warrior
Dark Knight
Strongest Woman in the World
Fei Long, Hong Kong Action Hero

Villains x31
The Demon Etrigan
Jervis Tetch
Ocean Master
Red Lantern Corps
Killer Croc
Mr. Zsasz
Master of the Fist
M. Bison
Brother Blood
Black Lantern Corps
Avatar of the Rot
Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy
Gorilla Grood

Super Villains x15
Ra’s Al Ghul
Black Manta
Mr. Freeze
The Joker
Lex Luthor
Black Atom
The Anti- Monitor

Weakness x20 regular, x5 from SF

Kick x20

12-13-2014, 05:39 PM
Here is my Custom Main deck. It is 130 cards. Our group specifically likes cards that care about getting another card (ie Power Rings, Suicide Squad, Batman/Catwoman, Jervis/Hat, etc), so all of those have been included.

Card Name Cost Type Amount Defense?

Batarang 2 Equipment 1
Lasso of Truth 2 Equipment 2 Yes
Kid Flash 2 Hero 1
Catwoman 2 Hero 2
Katana 2 Hero 2 Yes
Hawkgirl 2 Hero 2
Flight 2 Super Power 2 Yes
Cheetah 2 Villain 2
Harley Quinn 2 Villain 1
Two-Face 2 Villain 1
Aquaman's Trident 3 Equipment 2
Power Ring 3 Equipment 1
Bo Staff 3 Equipment 1
Nth Metal 3 Equipment 2
Helmet of Faith 3 Equipment 1 Yes
Mera 3 Hero 1
High-Tech Hero 3 Hero 1
Raven 3 Hero 2
Robin 3 Hero 2
Power of the Green 3 Super Power 2
X-Ray Vision 3 Super Power 1
Force Field 3 Super Power 2 Yes
Super Speed 3 Super Power 2 Yes
Manhunter 3 Villain 6
Poison Ivy 3 Villain 1
Jervis Tetch 3 Villain 1
Mr. Zsasz 3 Villain 1
The Riddler 3 Villain 1
The Cape and Cowl 4 Equipment 1 Yes
Green Arrow's Bow 4 Equipment 2
Signature Trenchcoat 4 Equipment 1
Skeets 4 Equipment 1 Yes
Soultaker Sword 4 Equipment 2
Zatanna Zatara 4 Hero 1
Sonic Siren 4 Hero 2
Deadman 4 Hero 2
Animal Man 4 Hero 1
Supergirl 4 Hero 1
Swamp Thing 4 Hero 1
Bulletproof 4 Super Power 3 Yes
Canary Cry 4 Super Power 1 Yes
Bane 4 Villain 1
Clayface 4 Villain 2
Killer Frost 4 Villain 1
Suicide Squad 4 Villain 6
House of Mystery 4 Location 1
The Rot 4 Location 1
Magician's Corset 5 Equipment 1
The Bat-Signal 5 Equipment 1
Utility Belt 5 Equipment 1
Green Lantern Power Ring 5 Equipment 1 Yes
Red Lantern Power Ring 5 Equipment 1
Star Sapphire Power Ring 5 Equipment 1
Orange Lantern Power Ring 5 Equipment 1
Yellow Lantern Corps Power Ring 5 Equipment 1
Blue Lantern Power Ring 5 Equipment 1
Indigo Tribe Power Ring 5 Equipment 1
Dark Knight 5 Hero 1
Emerald Knight 5 Hero 1
The Fastest Man Alive 5 Hero 1
Green Arrow 5 Hero 1
John Constantine 5 Hero 1
King of Atlantis 5 Hero 1
Saint Walker 5 Hero 1
Superboy 5 Hero 1
Wonder of the Knight 5 Hero 1
Starbolt 5 Super Power 2
Gorilla Grodd 5 Villain 1
Granny Goodness 5 Villain 1
Psycho Pirate 5 Villain 1
Red Lantern Corps 5 Villain 1
Apokolips 5 Location 1
Gotham City 5 Location 1
Metropolis 5 Location 1
New Genesis 5 Location 1
Titans Tower 5 Location 1
Sciencell 6 Equipment 1
Blue Beetle 6 Hero 1 Yes
J'onn J'onzz 6 Hero 1
Warrior Princess 6 Hero 1
Winged Warrior 6 Hero 1
Heat Vision 6 Super Power 2
Black Lantern Corps 6 Villain 1
Brother Blood 6 Villain 1
Doomsday 6 Villain 1
Solomon Grundy 6 Villain 1
Mind Control Hat 7 Equipment 1
White Lantern Power Battery 7 Equipment 1
Kyle Rayner 7 Hero 1
Princess Diana of Themyscira 7 Hero 1
Teleportation 7 Super Power 1
Super Strength 7 Super Power 1
Avatar of the Rot 7 Villain 1
Bizarro 7 Villain 1
Larfleeze 7 Villain 1
Lobo 7 Villain 1
Man of Steel 8 Hero 1
World's Mightiest Mortal 8 Hero 1

Weakness x 20
Kick x 20

12-18-2014, 08:56 AM
We played this stack the other night and had a blast. Fun games, with just cards we like to play with. Someone came close to getting there with Kyle raynor, also was fun to see suicide squad and man hunter come up regularly. My deck ended up combo-ing with robin, into bat signal, into wonder of the knight, into another equipment. Really enjoyed the custom main deck stack

12-22-2014, 02:09 PM
Been enjoying our time with the custom main deck. Here are some reflections over on a blog on Board Game Geek for anyone interested. :D



01-03-2015, 09:20 PM
Here's my deck list.


2x Batmobile
3x Power Ring
4x Nth Metal
2x Aquaman’s Trident
2x Green Arrow’s Bow
2x The Cape and Cowl
1x The Bat Signal

2x Legion Flight Ring
1x Helmet of Fate
1x Soultaker Sword
3x Skeets
1x Mind Control Hat

1x Pandora’s Box
1x Secret Society Communicator
1x Cosmic Staff
1x Firestorm Matrix
1x Power Armor

2x Bo Staff
2x Signature Trenchcoat
1x Magician’s Corset

Super Powers:

1x X-Ray Vision
2x Super Speed
2x Bulletproof
1x Heat Vision
1x Super Strength

2x Whirlwind
1x Power of the Green
2x Force Field
3x Canary Cry
2x Starbolt
1x Teleportation
1x Shazam!

1x Super Intellect
3x Transmutation

4x Flight
1x Power of the Red


1x Catwoman
1x Kid Flash
1x Robin
1x High-Tech Hero
1x Supergirl
1x Swamp Thing
1x Zatanna Zatara
1x The Fastest Man Alive
1x Emerald Knight
1x Dark Knight
1x King of Atlantis
1x Blue Beetle
1x J’onn J’onzz
1x Princess Diana of Themyscira
1x Man of Steel

1x Katana
1x Hawkgirl
1x Raven
1x Daughter of Gotham
1x Hero of the Future
1x Deadman
1x Sonic Siren
1x Superboy
1x Crimson Whirlwind
1x Winged Warrior
1x Warrior Princess
1x Jason Blood
1x World’s Mightiest Mortal

1x Vibe
1x Commissioner Gordon
1x Amanda Waller
1x Stargirl
1x Element Woman
1x Powergirl
1x Firestorm
1x Pandora

1x Animal Man
1x John Constantine
1x Captain Atom


1x Harley Quinn
1x Cheetah
1x Two-Face
1x The Riddler
1x The Penguin
1x Poison Ivy
1x Bane
1x Clayface
1x Scarecrow
1x Gorilla Grodd
1x Doomsday
1x Solomon Grundy
1x Lobo
1x Bizarro
1x Starro

1x Deadshot
1x Mr. Zsasz
1x Jervis Tetch
1x Dr. Sivana
1x Parasite
1x Killer Croc
1x Brother Blood
1x The Demon Etrigan
1x Larfleeze

1x Grid
1x The Blight

1x Strife
1x Killer Frost
1x Psycho Pirate
1x Avatar of the Rot


1x Titan’s Tower

1x New Genesis
1x Apokolips
1x Gotham City
1x Metropolis

1x Blackgate Prison
1x Earth-3

1x The Rot
1x House of Mystery


1x Black Manta
1x Sinestro
1x Captain Cold
1x The Anti-Monitor

1x Vandal Savage
1x Trigon
1x Hector Hammond
1x H’el
1x Helspont
1x Graves
1x Nekron
1x Black Adam

1x Impossible Brainiac
1x Impossible The Joker
1x Impossible Hades
1x Impossible Parallax
1x Impossible Lex Luthor
1x Impossible Deathstroke
1x Impossible Atrocitus

1x Felix Faust