View Full Version : Custom cards... of us!

11-27-2014, 07:47 PM
My wife, our friends, and I have played a ton of this game, trying every super hero.
But recently I wanted to do something fun for them all. So I made us into our own super hero cards.

I'd love any printing recommendations for these. Right now they're just printed out on paper and "laminated" with wide tape. I'd like to print more professional versions with correct card backs as a gift to them (and myself :p). I know the cards are 3x4 inches, which is a non-standard size. I can get custom sizes from makeplayingcards.com but I don't know the correct material (thickness, density).

A shrunken down JPG copy of my card is attached. My card is basically a Hero/Villain version of Cyborg, but with text changed to make it Crisis-mode friendly.