View Full Version : FiveShards.com Article Digest, Week of 11/24

11-29-2014, 09:16 AM
In case you missed the articles this week, we had a collection of series as well as fun/holiday-themed posts.

1) One important update with our tournament, due to the set delay, we found it prudent to delay our tournament one week. (http://fiveshards.com/blood-cup-delayed-until-december-20th-2/)
2) On Tuesday, Pentachills discussed his love with the Shin'hare. (http://fiveshards.com/shinhare-done-that/)
3) The ever dominating Wurtil discussed what you can learn from your opponent's champion. (http://fiveshards.com/wurtil-wednesday-championing-the-opposition-part-1/)
4) On Wednesday, we were able to share a spoiler card with you. (http://fiveshards.com/shattered-destiny-spoiler-a-tangled-web/)
5) We even had a Thanksgiving Day post. DeckOfManyThings considers the fowl of Entrath for the holidays. (http://fiveshards.com/turkey-day/) DoMT has already started working on his Christmas Day post as well.

As always, let us know what you think on the site, here, or on Reddit. We welcome the feedback and continue to plan on having several new articles out each week. This week, we have Funktion, Mokog, and Wurtil all writing articles!