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12-05-2014, 05:46 PM
My group always plays with the super hero synergy variant from DCD:HU. I was reading this thread over at the geek (spoilers)


and didn't see any obvious villain cards jump out at me for that format (though some of the powers/equipment did)

Does the rule book cover the synergy varient and/or does any one (Matt lol) have some suggestions?


12-05-2014, 06:49 PM
Well, all of them do have cards already, but obviously that'd be totally imbalanced, because half are super villains. Harley Quinn gets special recognition for having one of the most useless cards in the game, whereas Lex Luther's Impossible version is among the very best.

So I really don't see a way to do "villain synergy" with this set.

12-06-2014, 01:58 AM
Wow, never figured anyone would play that variant exclusively.

There isn't a Synergy write up in the FE rulebook, but each of the oversized S-Vs has a card or two that makes them happy. Here are some untested suggestions:

Bane > Venom Injector x2
Bizarro < Bizarro Power
Black Adam > Word of Power x2
Black Manta > Vibe x1; Grid x1
Deathstroke > Broadsword
Harley Quinn > Mallet
Lex Luthor > Happy Harbor
Sinestro > Constructs of Fear

Some of these are thematically spot on, but some are pretty loose.
Black Manta has no cards in the set, but The Vibe/Grid combo at least lets him be the master of deck manipulation.
Lex has thematic cards that don't synergize with his oversized text. Giving him Power Armor or Super Intellect doesn't seem correct.

12-06-2014, 09:06 AM
Thanks for the quick reply!

Wow, never figured anyone would play that variant exclusively.

Absolutely! We like how it helps you get the most bang out of your character power and we find it makes guys like Flash and Bat girl more playable.

I'm not super concerned with it synergizeing with the char power, especially if it is thematic instead. Sonic Siren dosn't have direct synergy and King of Atlantis doesn't.

Green Arrow was interesting. We ended up just settling on his hero card cause Green Arrow's Bow seemed to OP with his char power lol.

Thanks again! We will give these a try