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12-21-2014, 07:12 PM
We've played a few games and have started to figure out which SuperVillains are better than the others. We've only played with them with the Forever Evil set itself.

The only one we've really found to be "not good" is Deathstroke. His power doesn't trigger that often, so he's usually only getting a +1 per turn. The most is +3, but that's rare. I imagine he's worse in other sets.

Black Manta is okay. We thought he'd be better, but he's only average. He has a strong start and can get some good combos set up if the right cards are available, but he's nothing special in the long run. Same will go for the other sets.

Bizarro is average as well, but honestly, he's fun to play! He does conk out a little near the end when the Weaknesses run out, but until that point it's awesome to just let them fly in and out of your discard. He might not be as good in the other sets, since he won't be able to destroy as much, but I'm sure he'd still be fun.

Lex Luthor is pretty average, too. Not much to elaborate on. I think he'd actually be better in the other sets where there will be more Heroes available.

Harley Quinn is pretty good. She has some good interactions and works well with a number of the defense cards. She might be even better in other sets as well.

Bane and Black Adam are both very good. They can control their card destruction very well. They seem to be the most consistently good out of the lot. Bane would suffer a little in the other sets due to the lack of the one-costs, but he still can get a high bonus at a little cost. Black Adam is good for cycle and deck-thinning, without losing VP.

Sinestro is nasty. To be fair, we haven't played with fewer than four players, so he triggers quite often. If he gets a few attack cards early on, he can really pack away the VP. He's probably even better in the other sets, since there would be no way to steal the VP away, and attacks are more common/less costly.

12-22-2014, 08:58 PM
I've only played one game so far so I can't say much yet, but these are my first impressions of the Villains we played:

Harley - The player was inexperienced, but Harley can be really effective with defenses. I want to play her myself. Kind of wish her effect still worked VS. the Super Hero.

Deathstroke - He's very effective for certain cards, but near the end when there is less to destroy, he peters out. His character text isn't centered (which kills my quality boner), but that also makes me feel like he once had a more complicated effect that was omitted. He's my favorite DC character of all time, so I would have liked to have seen a more strategic effect for the greatest tactician in the world. I think he should have gotten more bonuses for destroying Heroes and Villains. Just one line, "The first time you destroy a Hero or Villain, draw a card" or something. He'll be extremely effective with cards that can destroy a lot of cards at once (Anti-Monitor), but those are rare. Of course, I have the biggest opinion on him, because he is who I played as.

Black Manta - Deck Stacking has huge potential, even moreso than Aquaman. He can put cards that synergize perfectly on the bottom and end up with an intensely good hand.

Sinestro - He's brutal, but he also paints a giant target on his player's face. I really wish his effect didn't scale so well with the number of players.

Lex Luthor - Again, the player was very inexperienced, and didn't know to worry more about Power than about picking up every Hero he saw. I will be playing Lex next, because he was almost furious by the end of the game, and in some way I want to prove it wasn't the Villain's fault.

In general, my group had more problems with the deck and the copy-paste Super Hero effects than any of the Villains. The first playthrough turned a lot of them off to the set, unfortunately, because I had a LOT of fun. But destruction is my main strategy, and this deck (to them) makes it seem like the ONLY strategy. And there may be a lot of truth to that.

12-23-2014, 08:31 AM
I've found the new Super-Villain Character cards to be extremely powerful in terms of synergy with the older cards or sets (my friends and I play 1v1 with 2 Character cards draft style).

Harley Quinn is banned nearly every game we play because of her intense power with Green Arrow and Batgirl, plus her defensive effectiveness vs attacks that discard and Batman Crisis effect.

Sinestro is great too, but sees the most effectiveness with Forever Evil due to the high number of attacks and many that aren't that harmful (Dr. Light, Catwoman, etc.). Most people don't worry about blocking that when they fear the Power Drain or Bizarro Power coming to mess up their day. Also he is incredible with Black Adam Character as you can just pop a Kick to draw 2 immediate cards and gain a VP.

Black Adam has shown himself to be quite scary with a few different Characters, but when used in Classic or Heroes Unite, he makes decks very thin by blowing up Kicks to provide a constant flow of good cards.

Black Manta has been a strange Character as he's amazing on paper, but most of the time it's very hard to see him combo off as much as you'd like. He's got the best turn 3 in the business, but due to his lack of being able to tuck Kicks and Nemesis cards, he's a bit lack luster when it comes to mid-late game.

Bane was made to be played with Characters that are aiming for the Nemesis cards. Constantly threatening to grab the next one, he's amazing when it comes down to it. Combo him with Constantine or Deathstroke for some extra free power on either side.

Lex Luthor is the Wonder Woman for Forever Evil. He constantly wants to snag the big guys in blue in order to have a fat had for the next turn. It's not hard to see why he wins a bunch of games like his female counterpart.

Deathstroke is a bit lack luster in everything but Forever Evil, where he shines like any of the standard +1 Characters (Batman, Superman, Hawkman, etc.). His claim to fame though is that there are a metric ton of cards that give him a +1 in that set. Combo him with Bane or Black Adam and you'll see yourself grabbing the Nemesis quickly.

Bizarro is a funny case, as he's a threat to anyone and everyone once he or his opponent nabs a Bizarro Power. He's got amazing synergy with Forever Evil, but to really cause some chaos, combo him with Aquaman Crisis and watch as your opponent cries when the Weakness stack ends up in their deck.

01-09-2015, 12:34 AM
My group plays with two oversized villains/heros per person (picked in various ways), the sets combined minus a few select cards, and a stack of 25 Super Villains/Heros to extend the game, so keep that in mind with my character assessment.

Sinestro - He's my pick for best character from the set. Our games tend to last longer with a large stack of Super Villains/Heros, so his stack of VPs tends to get large. He grabs attack cards, draws cards, and produces VPs. There isn't much to not like about him.

Bizarro - My personal favorite character. I think he's right up there with Sinestro. His ability to get rid of any weaknesses while simultaneously drawing cards is amazingly good. He basically changes the game for you when you play him. He rarely fears attacks and is perfectly fine with filling his discard with as many weaknesses as he can. The fact that he isn't limited to using his ability once per turn is amazing.

Harley Quinn - Also top tier material. She tends to draw cards quite often. Great with cards like Penguin and Royal Flush Gang, is fine with getting attacked by attacks that discard the top of your deck (Starro, Poison Ivy, Deadshot, etc) as she still draws (edit - this doesn't work as I thought it did, but she's still a strong character), and obviously loves the cards themed around here. It's too bad she doesn't trigger when getting attacked by the Super Villains/Heros, but honestly I think she'd be overpowered if she did. She also combos well with several other oversized characters.

Lex Luthor - Another top tier character in my opinion. He's Wonder Woman with heros. He can produce some very overpowered hands.

Black Adam - I liked Black Adam better than I thought I would. The fact that he can actually replace the VP value of the cards he's destroying, draw a card off it, and thin your deck is pretty nice. Overall he seemed kind of meh though.

Black Manta - A character I thought would be better than he turned out to be. I like the fact that he can tuck any card bought from the lineup, but while playing him, he just seemed pretty lackluster. I kept feeling like I was just playing a worse version of Aqua Man.

Bane - I was a little disappointed in him. He proved useful in select situations, but other times seemed to fall short. I'm not a fan of destroying victory points out of my deck for 2 power. He seemed to do the best when my deck wasn't very good in the first place. I want to play him a bit more to give him more of chance, though.

Deathstroke - Just awful. In my opinion he is the worst of the set, and still bottom tier when you compare him with the already existing oversized characters, slightly beating out Zatanna and Constantine.

These are all my opinion, and I think my playgroup would mostly agree on this list with maybe a few arguments. It's always fun to see other people's takes on the characters.