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01-04-2011, 12:21 AM
Risk management is a business concept to make sure that a project runs smoothly. I would like to apply this concept to tournaments, so I wanted to collect any number of potential risks in a tournament, that could create downtime or degrade the general quality of the tournament.

I will keep this Opening Post updated with all points made. This gathered information can be used for new (and experienced) TOs and Judges to improve the flow of their tournaments. Some of these risks are already documented in the tournament guidelines, but I'll add them again here to ensure completeness.

Risk Management

Lack of OCR/CR/PG
Solved by: Printed up front
Doable by: Any judge or TO
Printer is out of inkt
Solved by: Additional Print Cartridge brought to tournament
Doable by: TO (or the person providing the printer)
Many Head Judge Calls
Solved by: (Partially) Improved judge knowledge
Doable by: Any judge
Judges don't come across as a team
Solved by: Having judges wear the same outfit
Doable by: Any judge
Solved by: Making sure that the judges are on the same line
Doable by: head judge
Litter around the tournament area
Solved by: Cleaning the litter
Doable by: Any player
Solved by: Having judges clean the litter
Doable by: Any judge
Solved by: Educating players to not leave litter during player meeting
Doable by: Head Judge
Solved by: Providing enough trashcans
Doable by: TO

01-06-2011, 12:23 PM
Some ideas from my old days as a judge:

Long and unfocused player announcements
Solved by: Create and update a list of announcements that cover all the normal things (number of rounds, lunch break?, enforcement level, any FAQs on cards/environment)

Lost / missing result slips
Solved by: If players are returning slips, make sure all results are entered before the round ends and send judge(s) to the outstanding tables to make sure they are still playing. If judges are picking up slips, make sure they NEVER put them in their pocket. They should always immediately return them to the scorekeeper, as it's easy to get distracted if they start to walk the tables while holding slips.

01-11-2011, 12:18 AM
Ran my first Realm Qualifier this weekend, some points I found.

1. I printed all documents and placed them into one of my WoW Binders the week before. This included pretty much all documents in this link (http://forums.wowtcg.com/showthread.php?t=510)
- notes after the fact = the most common used was the Class Starter List during the tournament.

2. Be ready to do nothing but get the tournament going on time. For example I was loaning out cards, giving someone a deck with a brief talk about how to play it, going over TCG issues from the night before that could have been dealt with the night before and a couple other things.
- notes after the fact = it is suprising what kind of things that come up while you register 32 people and try to get a tournament started on time. Better to have NOTHING else to do when it starts even if you are giving yourself 1 hour to make it happen...specially when your the only one "working" the event.

3. Have extras of all Supplies. Goes along same line as Printer Ink above. Printing paper, ink, scrap paper for players to keep track of life, empty trash cans, toilet paper + hand drying paper in bath room, credit card machine + cash register receipt paper, drinks and food (if store carries them).
- notes after the fact = we ran out of printing paper and had to make due with something else

4. Encourage the Store to have TCG Supplies. Card Sleeves, Singles, Boxes of product.
- notes after the fact = we lost two booster boxes of sales because we ran out of product...and we started the day with 5 boxes!! Allot of people asked for singles but the store I was at did not sell them.

5. Be as familiar with the tournament software as possible.
- notes after the fact = thought I knew how to run it having done BGs for so long. Quickly realized I do not think I have ever dropped a player from a tournament before. Missed dropping one person and it caused a delay as the issue was resolved.

6. Have a outline for the player announcement. Does not have to be a pre-written speach but just a bullet-point list of items. Keep the list short like mentioned above.
- notes after the fact = I had a few things I wanted to lay down in the player announcement to help ensure the tournament ran as smoothly as possible. Forgot to announce one of them. Do not engage in joking with your friends. One person joked that core was best of three, I followed the joke and a player thought I was serious.

01-11-2011, 02:12 AM
Those are some good ones, the best usually come from experience. I'll update the Opening post when I have some time. I'll also add a criticality factor, based upon the amount of time can be lost due to the problem.