View Full Version : *Card Wars* FTG! & Hero pack Europe/UK release?

02-01-2015, 06:46 PM
For the Glory! has been out for a while now but there seems to be no sign of it here in the UK, will you be releasing it here? If not, will the cards ever be reprinted in Collector Packs?

Same again for the Hero Pack, will that get a UK release?

Starting to get some unofficial organised play going on here so it'd be great if we had access to all the cards :)


02-02-2015, 12:03 PM
Hi HEZ! Thanks for taking the time out to share your interest in Card Wars!

All of our Adventure Time Card Wars products have been available to the UK, including the For the Glory booster packs, but admittedly our licencing agreement does limit to whom we are able to sell the products, and the distribution partner we have buying Card Wars for the UK has only picked up small quantities of the releases so far, including the boosters and Collector's Packs, so it's unfortunately likely that they've sold out of their stock already.

We'll continue pushing to get more content over to the UK in the future, because we know there are fans like yourself who are eager to build your collection!

Thanks again for your interest and support!

02-03-2015, 05:00 PM
Thanks for the reply Skinner!
Our local card game shop seems to have plenty of the Collector packs in and the bookshop Waterstones does them too.
Is there any chance you'd ever be able to do international sales from your online store? (both to independent retailers and customers)

02-03-2015, 06:19 PM
No, sorry. The international shipping rates are just too outrageous to offer to our players. We don't want to fleece you!