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02-05-2015, 09:14 AM
We've played a great deal of two player variations through all the DC deck building games and their expansions. We keep a running total of points at the end of each game with the goal being 1,000 points. We have been playing a lot. At least 6 hours a week. At one point I was up almost 700 points and now I'm down to about 300. (It's a slow process that's not all that engaging and doesn't help keep out interest)

We've been having a lot of fun with our new draft variant.

Step One: We spread out all the oversized heroes/villains and each of us picked a single hero/villain to join our team. The only requirement for this process was that heroes and villains had to be split 50/50 otherwise there would be a great deal of imbalance in the forever evil games. We wrote these down and gave them each a number that described their draft position.

Example: His pick 1: Superman My Pick 1: Flash
His pick 2: Batman My Pick 2: Hawkman etc....

Then we set up a series of games(Will describe in future steps) Until someone loses half their oversized heroes every game is random, but after that they get to pick their own.

Step 2: We made a list of 20 rule possibilities to be used in our series of games. We have used some of these in our regular games before, but had to come up with several new ones to complete the list. I would welcome any suggestions, questions, or criticisms.

1. Standard Rules
2. Use 2 oversized heroes/villains
3. The Person who lost the previous game picks their opponent’s oversized hero/villains
4. Instead of starting with the normal 10 starter cards draw 10 cards from the main deck, Pick up to five to trade for the equivalent number, then trade up to 2 for the equivalent number.
5. Play with a random oversized hero/villain from your opponent’s team-Winner keeps their oversized card
6. Hero Synergy- Oversized hero/villain starts with their own card on top and only that player can buy
Flash-Fastest man Alive, Superman-Man of Steel, Batgirl-Daughter of Gotham etc…
7. Loser of the previous game picks the rule for this game (Not rule 7)
8. Replace Vulnerabilities in the starter deck with kicks
9. Loser of the previous game picks a Second Super hero/Villain Stack to be add to the game-Played as 2 separate villains stacks. Both can be purchased on one turn. First Appearance attacks occur in the same order in which they purchased.
10. Mix a Second Super hero/Villain stack into the Main Deck-First appearance attacks happen on flop
11. Winner of the previous game picks the loser’s hero
12. Each Player starts with a random Super hero/Villain in their starter deck
13. Double Deck & Super hero/Villains
14. A single Random Oversized Hero/villain From the Defeated Oversized Hero/villain pool is Played by both players in addition to their normal Oversized Hero/villain.-Winner Gains the Oversized Hero/villain from the dead pool
15. Pay 15 power to swap your hero for another hero on your team-If you are still in the random phase this is still random, but if your team is at half strength or below you can choose
16. Roll For 2 more rules(We roll a 24 sided dice during set-up)
17. Every player played attack happens twice. ex: Scarecrow: Attack1-opponent gains 1 weakness. Attack 2- opponent gains 1 weakness
Or Attack1-opponent Defends=no weakness Attack 2- opponent gains 1 weakness
Or Attack1-opponent Defends=no weakness Attack2-opponent Defends=no weakness
18. Every time you Defend draw a card.
19. You block any of your opponent’s cards by defending-This blocks the whole cards(No power, affects and no benefits from Oversized Hero/villains or from locations)
20. Whenever a player plays a card cost 5 or greater they immediately gain a weakness

Step 3: We set up a list of 23 games(we believe this is as far as we can possibly get with the current number of heroes, but there is nothing to keep us from setting up more games if necessary) to be played in the order described. We rolled a 24 sided dice and referenced the list above to determine the rules for each game.

We also determined that every 4th game would be a double rule game and every seventh game would have 3 rules, Have a main deck from 2 games and have 2 stacks of super villains/heroes.

1. 8
2. 14
3. 1
4. Double Rule 4 & 20
5. 15
6. 2
7. Triple Rule 10, 2, 6, & 13-Auto Rule
8. Double Rule 4 & 9
9. 6
10. 5
11. 16=6 & 8
12. Double Rule 5 & 15
13. 7
14. Triple Rule 20, 19, 11 & 13-Auto Rule
15. 3
16. Double Rule 19 & 12
17. 18
18. 6
19. 18
20. Double Rule 8 & 20
21. Triple Rule 17, 10 2 & 13-Auto Rule
22. 2
23. All 3 decks, Supervillain stacks, extra weakness stacks + 2 decks of crisis super villains
We haven’t decided about having extra rules or not.
This game happens as soon as someone is down to their last oversized hero/villain
Whoever wins gets a random hero from the defeated oversized hero/villain pool.

Step 4: We had to determine which deck would be used for each game. To keep it random we used the dice again that corresponded to the list below.

DC orgininal: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19
Heroes United: 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20
Forever Evil: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18

Our Result were

1. 4
2. 16
3. 11
4. 9
5. 1
6. 5
7. Double Deck: 17 & 9
8. 7
9. 3
10. 10
11. 9
12. 17
13. 1
14. Double Deck: 18 & 10
15. 13
16. 2
17. 16
18. 10
19. 17
20. 12
21. Double Deck(We cheated here so we could mix the decks all 3 ways) 7 & 20
22. 5
23. 1, 2, & 3

If anyone has questions or suggestions about what we are doing please let me know I'd be more than happy to answer what I can and I'm also interested in any little rule twists you guys may come up with.

Also if you'd like to see our scores/results/what oversized heroes/villains are winning please let me know.

02-06-2015, 07:50 AM
Pretty cool concept, but very complex in my opinion.

I think there's more thought involved in just maintaining the rules than playing out a turn lol. But I like that you got some kind of concept going on that isn't just playing the regular game modes. My friends and I have tried a couple different things, but our main game mode is described in a forum post already (http://forums.cryptozoic.com/showthread.php?t=39520).

Another game mode I've been working on is 2v2 and a Deathmatch style where you pick 2 Heroes, then at any point you can activate that Hero, use them for one full rotation around players and then place it in the player on your left's "pool" of Characters, at that point you can then use another Character from the available pool. Haven't worked out all the details yet, but I really enjoy using the Characters and card pools to create competitive and fun game versions.

Probably the hardest thing I'm doing right now is to create a balanced yet competitive version of the game for 1v1 using all the cards.

02-06-2015, 10:14 AM
Its not to difficult maintaining the rules because there are typically only a couple used each game that you need to worry about. We have played a bunch of single games using multiple combinations of base sets and rules, more than just what's listed above, and even some with every expansion and set thats come out. I agree with you that finding a balance is a little hard because most of the really big games become a land slide victory.

I like your idea of using a hero pool. Maybe each player picks 2 heros, but can only use the powers on one turn each before having to pass that hero to the next player. And those same 4 heros can just keep moving in a circle or they can be pushed out and new ones brought in.

02-09-2015, 09:09 AM
Most of the rules we have made are also regarding set up so you only have to worry about it at the beginning of the game-then just play as normal. I like the rotating hero pool idea. It creates the necessity to have multiple strategies with in your deck in order to play to the strengths of various heroes.