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02-05-2015, 01:55 PM
No Mac Test Server!!

First, I understand that mac is a separate beast and all the "real gamers" are on PC. I understand the rationale that it's better to at least get a PC server out instead of waiting for a mac server as well.

But CZE couldn't at the very least give us mac users a heads up? This isn't hype for us, it's a big ass sideswipe and knockout! Can I at least suggest a card for mac clients that reads "F-YOU"? It doesn't do jack $h!t but stay in your hand to remind you how utterly inconsequential they find mac users.

Again, I see why the decision was made but a quick "Test Server will unfortunately only be PC based" anywhere in any of the articles leading up to today would've been appreciated. The mac alpha client coming out 1 whole week before it was shut down made it clear how CZE feels about us but could you at least not have to surprise us with your disdain. Is it too much to ask to politely let us know we're pieces of "casual gamer" $h!t undeserving of Arena.

I'm super glad I spent the past week convincing friends to finally download the game, and wait for the next best thing to blow every other digital game (TCG and beyond) out of the water. Sure, it'll be buggy but at least we get a glimpse of the future addiction to come. NO, wait, FRAK YOU maybe next time. PC/Mac game in-fucking-deed.

Also happy about the now even more idiotic argument I had with my fiance to carve out three days and nights to play just a game. At least I didn't take the day off for nothing, oh wait...

Thank you Hex, for really pointing out why addictions are bad for you. Now to tell my friends that awesome game doesn't give two shits about them.

02-05-2015, 02:33 PM
This thread is entirely unproductive. Closed.

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02-05-2015, 02:36 PM
We understand you're unhappy that you're unable to test on mac. But, unfortunately there wasn't enough time.

That being said, DataDragon is looking into seeing if there is anything that can be done. Please remember this is for testing and not for playing. Please don't start an additional thread about this topic, thank you.