View Full Version : Test Server Update Announcement

02-12-2015, 06:48 PM
Hi HEXers!

Thank you very much for all the testing you've put in. So far there are over 240 bug report threads and our engineers are collecting a lot of valuable data from the testing. The testing that has been done so far has enlightened us to several optimizations that we can make in the client and we hope you've been able to see some improvements.

To that end, through the night you may be experiencing further latency issues as this is due to a number of factors, we will keep the servers running to collect further data. The main factors are due to the Test Server running on lower spec'd hardware than the live servers, large amount of connections (we're thrilled with how many of you want to help us test out the Arena!), and intentionally limiting performance to help surface more bugs.

We hope to have another patch sometime tomorrow which will help clean up some more issues that have been surfaced, but we will keep the servers limited in capacity to force the servers to work hard in order to gain valuable insight as to how to optimize further in preparation for launching the arena.