View Full Version : Thanks for free tournament on testrealm

02-14-2015, 12:48 PM
but I can not login, it makes this a pure waste tournament where I can not participate. Thank you for this tournament where only the competition is open to've been in the game.

Beautiful tournament that i can play it from login screen ...

02-14-2015, 12:51 PM
Same here desperately trieing to log in, was connecting to tournament and connection lost message, since than i cant even start hex client as it keeps loading forever.
Its not cryptozoid there fault asfar as i know but i hope they fix it by next time they wanne do something like this

02-15-2015, 04:09 AM
I agree test server should be running perfectly and everything on it should be fine. Everyone knows that test is just a word for preview these days. Get with the game Hexent you dropping this ball hard and fumbling the pass... more sports metaphors.

02-15-2015, 07:38 AM
Did you honestly expect to be able to play? They're giving away free prizes for a free entry tournament to help them test something. Assume there's a 50% or greater chance you won't get to play. Which is what I did when I logged on, joined the tournament, and left my laptop in the condo while I went on a hike... I figured it'd help them test the limits which is what they were doing, and if it did happen to fire, someone just gets a free win.

02-15-2015, 10:48 AM
I connected to the big match, 442 people(or something like that).
I could have been able to play round2. If my enemy had been on his computer. He was timed out in the first round after some minutes; I had to sit and wait 30min in the second round because there was no timeout. Nice. Perhaps he left his laptop, joined the turnament to help test limits? Me and my enemy had 190 cards in our deck- "deck save error" at the start of the tournament. Of course the game could not be played, even if my enemy showed up it would have been a bad joke.
The communication of cryptozoid was a bad joke during the match, sorry. At the start there was a message "disconnect if you donīt want to play, the match will start in 5 min." (or something like that)- and I thought ok, if something goes wrongt they CAN send a message and stop the mess.
Game saving error message, try again, Game saving error message, try again, Game saving error message, try again, Game saving error message, ... nice. Chat was disabled earlier so nobody could cry for help. Looking into the forum there was a message containing the error save bug. Nothing more. So after waiting more than one more hour the match against the player who didnīt show up started- or the match of my enemy was as bugged as my match and he wasnīt even able to start it.
After I probably won the round I was sitting around in the match lobby. Was there any more message? No. MESSAGE? ANYONE?
I had to connect to the main hex server to chat. It was talked about other match numbers whitch were worked on. I disconnected from the 442 (or something like that) men match after something about 4 hours of waiting.
If you want us to test, give more messages than "disconnect if you donīt want to play, the match will start in 5 min." AND LEAVE US ALONE! MESSAGES WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE Iīm sure. Or end the match, PLEASE.
I will not help in further tests if there is no communication like yesterday. Why werenīt we told the match was stopped, or that it would continue? I have to add- Iīm new to matches, and Iīm not used to waiting hours for nothing. If only my login was needed and if no real players where needed as Mr.Funsocks suggests in his post, it should be made clear that you only need some crash test dummies.
"Did you honestly expect to be able to play?"- well, the match was already rescheduled one week. PERHAPS WE THOUGHT it would run- a bit at least, and a "we stop the mess" message when it was clear it wouldnīt run... and delay the match for one more week. It was a match nicely advertised. And more than poorly delivered. ...
But perhaps the match was ended with a winner some hours later (perhaps it is still running)- I didnīt look for it today. Then everything should be fine and I was just not able to wait.