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02-22-2015, 03:24 AM
I have a resolution question.

Superman's power says +1 power for each different superpower you play during your turn.

When I am defeating something or buying an equipment card for example do I resolve his power prior to the defeat or after?

The way I'm thinking about it is like this. It doesn't resolve until you PLAY a superpower card. So I'm using a kick and 3 punches to buy/defeat a 5 cost card but I don't technically play the kick until I buy the card which then would be too late to add the extra power to that buy/defeat so I'd have an extra power once I've resolved the purchase.

Hope that makes sense. Blame MTG for my question. :)

02-22-2015, 11:28 AM
Buying is not directly linked to any specific timing while you play. As long as you have played the power to purchase a card you may, at some point before the end of your turn, spend that power to buy a card. When you are looking at the Superman trigger, you would instantly include that +1 power as soon as the effects from the super power card resolves. In the case of playing the kick, you would play it, gain the +2 power from it's effects, and then gain the +1 power from Superman being triggered. Looking at your example hand, if you played all the cards you would have 6 power (excluding any locations or other triggers you may have out).

I am curious why you think you cannot play the kick until you are exactly able to buy the card. That seems like a very specific interpretation so I was wondering if you had heard it from somewhere.

02-22-2015, 04:02 PM
Simple explanation: Cards resolve as they are played before anything else happens. The moment the Kick is played it triggers Superman's ability and gets +1 Power. Then it is resolved and done and the next card can be played.

They only time a card does not fully resolve before another card is played is when it forces another card to be played as part of ti's resolution., such as Starro playing a card from other players hands. Starro resolves everything it can, and if another player's card triggers a bunch of stuff, that gets resolved and then Starro finishes after that card is done.