View Full Version : Tiny Annoyances?

02-27-2015, 02:07 PM
After a match in the Frost Arena I can't hit spacebar and continue, even though I can spacebar through everything else in the match. Why do I have to use my mouse?
When I play a shard and hover over a card, the hand will shift anyway, making me click on a different card than the one I have highlighted/pulled-up for use.
Clicking on the Auction House from the Card Management window will prompt a 'save'. But it won't thereafter go to the Auction House, requiring a re-selection from the top menu.
Why does everything line up on top of itself right in the middle of the playarea? This is super annoying (in this case I was wanting to double-click the Teapot): 3004

Anyone else have quality-of-life improvements for the mechanics?