View Full Version : Hero of Adamanth Passive

02-28-2015, 12:56 PM
I used Yesterday, with several troops(~20 troops) in play, against Hero of Adamanth, and wanted to mention a few things.

After all troops were returned to the hand, there was a 'delay' where I guess the game was doing the checks for making a copy for each troop. The delay was enough to make me think the game may have froze, so about 15 seconds? This isn't surprising but figured it was worth a mention.

The copies of the troops went into play one at a time, activating their 'into play' abilities as soon as they entered play. No clue if this is intended or not but assuming it is intended. However I thought it could have made all the copies of troops first than did the check for enter play abilities, since all troops leave play at the same time with Yesterday. That could cause conflicts though.