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03-03-2015, 08:28 AM
So as the title implies, I'm currently working on a competitive version of the mixed sets so as to have an alternative way to play rather than just the 3 stand-alones (Classic, Heroes Unite, Forever Evil). The format we play with is a 1v1 banning draft 2 Character variant. We play extremely competitive and we are trying to make a balanced set to allow for all Characters to be at least somewhat viable. We do not want to overpower a set with game changing cards.

We are trying to keep it as balanced as possible and we do not wish to make any Character stand out more than they already do (such as put in easy to use loops with Aquaman or extremely powerful Heroes/Villains for Martian Manhunter). At the same time, we do not want useless or weak cards to litter the game either, so things like Harley Quinn and Deadshot are out of the question. Such balancing would also include using 1 copy of cards rather than a straight 3 if that card has a clone (Kid Flash, Legion Flight Ring, Johnny Quick or Catwoman, Batarang, Giant Growth) to add diversity rather than spamming the same card turn after turn.

A lot of thought is going into this custom set and it will include ALL Characters and sets (Crisis 1, Crisis 2, Rivals, etc.) this includes Super-Villains/Heroes (and Impossible Mode) as well, to provide a balanced yet difficult format.

The list is being built and worked on, but right now the basis I'm throwing out here are a few banned cards that won't even be considered just to give an idea: Man of Steel, Princess Diana, Lobo, Starro, Kyle Rayner, Mind Control Hat, Hector Hammond, Arkillo, Nekron.

03-03-2015, 09:57 AM
Just some reminder, if the 4 villian from earth 3 will be used, rember to not add too many different card of the same type , as those 4 villian will be easily charged up with really high power at mid game....

The power from low
Cost card to high cost card must be somewhat equal to balance out Hawkman, black canary, superman, and batman ... Of coz with black canary and superman , there shouldn't be too many different type of villian or super power... But when it come to villian , if u are adding suicide squad or manhunter or Royal flush.. The deck size need to be under control to not lesser down their potential...

Some over powered low cost card have to be remove too especially hawk girl ... And 2 cost card that has the potential to generate e trembly high power is just sick .... Green arrow is a bitch to balance ... Lack of Villians will be his doom ...

03-03-2015, 06:00 PM
When we customize decks, we make sure that overpowered vp cards aren't included. For example, in any longer 1v1 game, Green Arrow and utility belt from the first deck are kicked out because they're just super cheap 5vp cards since they're all nearly guaranteed to kick in at the end. Getting even one Saint Walker or Sci-Cell card can be equal to one or two super villains, by the end of the game.

Overall, I would probably use rivals as a good model on how to make a balanced deck. In my opinion, it is the most balanced of all the decks, but that is because it is geared to o only two characters. However I think that same principle should apply in a bigger deck, making sure that each card you put in has an equal or similar card added from each card type. So like in your earlier example, if you were to put Legion flight ring in, you should also put in one Johnny quick and one kid flash, and maybe super speed, which is slightly better, but just balance accordingly across card type

03-03-2015, 06:33 PM
I know this isn't what you're looking for, but my group usually plays with every set mixed without omission. We split the deck into equal thirds and play with whatever comes out and it's worked pretty well. There's a huge luck factor, which is what I suspect you're trying to omit, in that very rarely people will get their 'bomb' card flip early and no one else will get theirs. One game, for example, I was able to buy element woman first turn as batman (12), which completely ruined the game for everyone else. There are so many of these 'bomb' cards though, I think it would be very difficult to remove them all without making the game very stale. Certain combos will either have to be removed or be overpowered in a constructed deck, such as kyle Rayner.