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03-07-2015, 09:14 PM
So now that the Test Server is coming to a close with Arena launching on Tuesday what were you're best decks? Awesome decks out of left field? Ones where equipment changed the decks? Ones that would stand no chance in PVP? I have three to share.

The first one was inspired by an annoying arena opponent and is "Pets" inspired. It was pretty aggressive but could also play mid range real well:
Lionel Flynn
11 Ruby Shard
9 Diamond Shard
4 Shard of Conquest
4 Inner Conflict (Equipment - Scepter of the Nightmares)
4 Crackling Bolt
2 Hopeheart Unicorn (Equipment - Boots of Hopeheart Martyr)
4 Jags the Blademaster
4 Sky Huntress (Equipment - Forreststalker Gloves)
4 Shield Trainer (Equipment - Ring of the White Tower)
4 Ruby Pyromancer
2 Lord Alexander
4 Royal Den Mother (Equipment - Sprouting Laurent)
4 Royal Falconer

The next one is an abusive Orc deck:
Sir Giles Rowan
19 Ruby Shard
4 Crackling Vortex
2 Gorefeast
4 Crushing Blow
2 Burn the Ground
4 Crackling Bolt
4 Ridge Raider
4 Arena Regular
2 Veteran Gladiator
1 Mentor of the Flames (Equipment - Scorched Breastplate)
4 Furious Taskmaster
3 Gem-Crazed Beserker (Gem - Can't be Blocked)
1 Goremaster
2 Xocoy, High Cleric
4 Brutal Commander (Equipment - Zealot's Skull and Bracers of Brutality)

This deck can be insane. Brutal commander on three with a charge activation (crackling vortex or bolt) get you a three drop into play if your attack gets through. He also works in great synergy with Xocoy. My final deck is a Janky Jank bot deck that i only played once but didn't lose a single game (played all 20)

Running Deer
29 Ruby Shards
29 Wild Shards
4 Shards of Savagery
4 Burn to the Ground
4 Crackling Bolt
4 Survival of the Fittest
4 Burn (Equipment - Conflagration Handguards)
4 Chlorophyllia
2 Eye of Creation
4 Oakhenge Ceremony
4 Royal Falconer
4 Scraptech Brawler
2 Zakiir
4 Crazed Squirrel Titan
4 Gas Troll
4 Moon'ariu Sensei (Equipment - Manual of Martial Techniques)
4 Aborean Rootfather (Major: Damage / Minor: Speed)
4 Wrathwood Master Moss
4 Jankbot
4 Lighting Elemental
4 Lord Alexander
4 Ruby Pyromancer
3 Jags the Blademaster
4 Stinktroll (Equipment - Stink boots)
4 Howling Brave
1 Wrathwood Colossus
4 Mentor of Oakhenge