View Full Version : DC Deckbuilder powers for Hostess Ad

03-10-2015, 10:41 AM
These are for those of us that remember the awesome Hostess ads using DC superheroes

Villain Cards

Slud-Jak (aquaman) put one card 5 or less you just boaught or gained on the bottom of your draw pile

Iceberg Head (aquaman) Put a Frozen token on a card to add +2 to the cost

Jet-Set Jessie (batgirl) draw 2 cards then discard 1 of them

Bureauc-Rat (Flash) Attack: discard 1 card off the top of your draw pile

Medusa (Flash) Attack: Discard 1 card off the top of your draw pile and 1 card from your hand

The Destroyer (Flash) Destroy one card in your hand

Dr. Sorcery (Flash) +1 power, this card counts as red and gray, villain and equipment

Dr. Live (GL) One card you buy this turn costs 1 less

"Spindly" Klutz (GL) Attack: Discard 1/2 of your cards in your hand (round up), if you show a defense card it defends against the attack (no need to play it from your hand)

Triclops (GL) +4 power

Pidgeon Person (Batman) Defense

The Muse (Batman) destroy 1 card for +2 power or discard 1 card for +1 power, you can do this four times/turn

Topsy Turvy (Batman) Attack: discard 1 card or Defense and attacker discards 1 card

Midnight Ladies, Mink Maurander and Magpies (Batman and Batgirl) +1 power per card in hand (8 cards total)

Professor Plutonium (Batman) +1 power

K-9 (Batman) +2 power

Crime Director (Batman) Ongoing: +1 power when you discard this card

Golden Raven (Hawkman) +1 Power per villain in your discard

Robot Master (Wonder Woman) +1 power plus +1 Power per copy in the line up and in your discard (5 cards total)

The Borrower (Wonder Woman) each foe shows the top card of their draw pile. Play one of the cards revealed for each card you discard

Vacuum Thief (Red Tornado) Gain a card in the line-up costing 2 or less +1 per card discarded

Chocolate Baron (Wonder Woman) +1 power

Big Dome (Superman) +1 power and draw 1 card if you discard a superpower

Tara Cobal (Superman) +1 power and draw 1 card if you discard an equipment

Hero Cards

Colonel Kelp (Aquaman) +2 power

Cooky La Moo (Wonder Woman) +3 Power if there are no cards with cost 3 or less in your discard pile. Otherwise, +2 Power.