View Full Version : Thank you for the Promo Card Cryptozoic!

03-16-2015, 05:46 PM
cryptozoic team,

I just ordered the first crisis expansion, I now have all 3 DC core sets and both expansions. Couldn't find this one anywhere in the local stores nearby ( I like to support the small businesses around me ), so I ordered it from your website. Not only did the package came in a day early, but you guys also threw in a Gotham City Docks Promo! Thanks so much.
My friends and I love your Cerberus engine sets, they're so easy to pick up and are delightfully addicting. We're all older now, most of us are in our late 20s and have pretty hectic work schedules, but we can always find time to play these games :)!

Just wanted to say thanks for creating these games, I know that they will be wildly popular soon. And thank you again for the promo!