View Full Version : eLdritch looks confused at cards... and posts it to youtube

04-19-2015, 05:31 AM
Hey guys, My new year's resolution was to finally kick my insecurities about my artistic abilities and finally try my hand at a youtube channel. Part of that channel is about Hex.

Firstly I run a Team Draft series where me and my buddy Gra pick cards seemingly at random, disagree on the shard base and have fun always hitting the human players. This show gets a new episode every sunday (from now on split into 4 parts instead of 2 ;) )


04-19-2015, 05:32 AM
In the second standing series, All Hands on Deck, I look at decks for various formats, talk about their merits as well as substitutions to make them cheaper and then show some games I played with them to demonstrate what they can do.


I will also have other, slightly less frequent content like guides on various things (like drafting and sealed), as well as set reviews, fun decks and all sorts of nonsense ;)

Whenever something new gets uploaded I will add a post to this thread so if you enjoy the videos, keep an eye on this thread or subscribe to the channel.


P.S.: ALWAYS add 1 more shard than what Gra says. :P