View Full Version : Future Rivals Set - The Flash

04-22-2015, 01:27 PM
Having the Flash in a Rivals set would be awesome. Since speed is the theme there needs to be a time limit. Possibly have Flash draw lots of cards but the game is limited to the main deck being there. Once the main deck runs out time is up. The 3 hero cards could be 3 different Flashes. My brother-in-law would like to see Wally as the most powerful. Game play could take from the main deck plus return cards to the main deck. Imagine having an attack that removes an opponent's hand back to the main deck. Also having a limited hand size so that Flash has to destroy cards in his hand. Have some cards that could reverse time. Remove cards from their draw pile and add those back to the main deck. I just wanted to throw some ideas out because I am looking forward to this type of release. Having the ability for the deck to become organic in play. Making it possible for both players to use and obtain unique cards through the game helps with randomness always favoring one player somehow. Plus don't use the TV show as the card art please!

Love the game and look forward to more fun in the future!