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06-20-2015, 05:07 PM
I was originally intending to send this to the developers, but for legal reasons they aren't even allowed to look. :(

It's fine though, because we made proxies and tested this multiple times. It had its fun moments, but Forever Evil is just too specialized. It'd take a lot more playtesting to make a viable Crisis mode for it. So I leave it to you all. I claim no ownership of the images or anything about these cards.

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See them in my album here. (http://s430.photobucket.com/user/DDHyuugaman/library/Forever%20Evil%20Crisis)

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Correct number of main deck cards:

New Cards (32)

Heroes (5):

1x Justice League Dark (6)
1x The Council of Wizards (6)
1x The Metal Men (6)
1x The Trinity of Sin (6)
1x The Question (5)

Villains (8):

1x Dex-Starr (4)
2x Heat Wave (3)
1x Mazahs! (8)
1x Mirror Master (4)
2x Sea King (3)
1x The Orange Lantern Corps (6)

Super Powers (8):

2x Frozen Fists (3)
1x Rage Rebirth (6)
3x Tearing Claws (2)
1x Wild Blood (4)
1x The Negative Speed Force (6)

Equipment (8):

2x Grappling Chain (2)
1x Lobo’s Space Hog (5)
2x Mirror Pack (5)
1x Orange Lantern Power Battery (9)
2x The Lazarus Pit (1)

Locations (2):

1x The Red Room (7)
1x The Black Room (7)