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06-21-2015, 04:00 AM
Yesterday (atleast for me) we had a big Stress Tourney.

Everything under this is just a guess what happend...

During the Tournament the Client started freezing more often as we advanced in rounds - it was forced during the data transmission to you're PC Device and started even getting worser.

What happend?

The Client was transmitting Data's of over ~7000 Pairings at once (Round 10) and also updating the pairings
everytime a Game finished. This caused the big lag/freez of you're client.

It also caused the client to have loading issue with other Data's such as Match Load Ins and ranked lower Data Packages (Priority wise) like Card's you draw at the begin.

With the happening of ~7 Different Actions at once most player couldn't load up all necessary Datas and caused to freez.

The out come of this was basiclly depending on 2 factors :

1. Power of you're PC Device and Internet Connection
2. Distance to Server HQ

What could Cryptozoic do to improve this ?

1. Pairings

In big tourneys you have gathering many data's from different Players ; so making the client load Data's of passed rounds shouldn't be nessecary.

Just display only current Round and Clear Pairing Board everytime a Round was done and a new is about to start.

You could display individual round Records on the bottom right of the tournament lobby.

This would massivly lower the visual overflood of the client.

2. Standings

As for Standings I would say all you need to see is the Top 32 Players and you're own ranking - it's not nessecary to know every Person Score in Leaderboard.

With improving those 2 Point's i think you could make the client run much smoother in future and creat a nice Tourney experience.

With best wishes,

ArcSalam ( live Server) / Graverips (test Server) / Twitch Alt MightyBone1

06-21-2015, 06:30 AM
I think the problem was how they updated the data not the quantity of it. It seems the data was updated in the main/ui thread instead of a background one.

Just a few optimization passes and the client won't have any problem with this type of tournaments.

06-22-2015, 08:40 AM
Not much to suggest. Obviously they are made it to the next layer in the onion known as scaling issues. Nothing to do but fix this layer and find out what's on the layer bellow.

I remember when they were first setting up draft. It stayed at "this is a mess" for quite a bit as they worked through the layers and transitioned to "this is stable" quite rapidly.