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This took a fair while to write I'v tried to keep it as close to the lore as possible, this is the first of three bits of fan fiction for hex to celebrate the release of Set 3, as it took a solid bit of effort please let me know if you like it and if you guys would read more cos I'm not gonna write another 12,000 words for the next two if nobody is gonna read it so let me know! I'd like to thank Baldo, AdamAoE2 and Steelio for some great character names too.

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“Could you hurry up; these woods are not the place to relax.” A hushed voice came cutting through the trees.

“Lass I've been in a lot worse places than this; and you never rush the dragon,” chuckling to himself Boris the shield trainer eyed with pride the great patch of wet that now decorated the tree before him. Turning Boris motioned to the huntress that she should continue walking, before turning her fox gave a deep growl. In surprise Kostas eyes darted to her pet “Ruby stop that,” looking back toward the soldier a great weight gripped her stomach. Seeing her face the soldiers eyebrow raised “what, my cock still out?” The laugh that rang out was cut dead as the tree behind him broke forward, a hand of branches grasped the soldier, a crack rattled within the huntresses ears as the metal chest plate bucked and broke spewing forth a red mist. Kosta stood feeling the skin around her eyes tighten, frozen in place a warm hand seemed to press against the huntresses neck snapping her into action; pulling three arrows from her back she drew her bow tense and loosed all three in a single shot targeted at what appeared to be the creatures knee. The sheer pointlessness of that action dawned on her as it bashed over a tree on its way toward her. Turning she fled, jumping and ducking through the forest the ground beneath her tremored as if Entrath itself was angered.

Pushing forward with fire swelling in her legs and chest the huntresses moved into a clearing, “Thank Titania” a black stone castle lay in the midst in a sea of brown dying grass, taking off in the direction of cover the quickening thunder at her heels grew closer, drops of water creped down her face as her vision blurred. As the twisted fingers of fear began to weave through her mind she found them halted by a beautiful whistle that hung in the air. As her legs failed she fell to the ground twisting to face her foe, she had been so close to safety. Seeing the tower of wood, leaves and rage only the last seemed to be changing as the sound she heard moments ago grew louder, this whistle blossomed a deep calm within her as the death that approach slowed to a crawl finally stopping yards from her. Turning the great beast lumbered off, merging with the tree line. Held air rushed from her lips in what formed a great sigh.

“So what brings you to our forest?” the words so close to her she felt as if her own mind had conjured them.

Startling to her feet through the pain in her left leg she stood facing a rather chirpy Elf, “You did that, you saved me?”

“Indeed, the will of the forest can be, how shall I say it; soothed” the Elf glanced down at a long wooden flute in his left had as the corners of his mouth curled upward. “Oh but where are my manners, I am Puck, and you?”

For how simple the question seemed to be Kosta found her brain was struggling to form a reply “Ehh I'm; Kosta”

“Got there in the end we did, now back to my first question, why would two humans be on a stroll through one of the most dangerous forests on Entrath?”

“We were searching for that” Kostas arm stretched out with a finger at the castle that lay before them.

“Blood magic clings to this place like oil on a pan, why are human interested in it” a deeper more direct tone crossed into Pucks' breath.

“It was once the home of a Cerulean Archmage; several groups were sent to look for it on orders of Archmage Wrenlocke, he believes the old Archmage made an important discovery, one that could affect all magic.”

“This building has stood here since just after the end of the Great War and none have passed through its doors, sealed it is by a magic stronger than that of any I have seen out with the Primals.” Puck eyed the building a deadpan expression dressed his face, “even the grass does not grow for an acre around it, death oozes from this place”

“My task was to find it, this I have done, I must get back” Kosta hoppled forward unleashing a spasm of pain up her leg.

“You will be coming back with me, the camp is not far and I shall send word for humans to come here to you” Before Kosta could reply Puck swung an arm under her as they moved off to the trees; water swelled in her eyes and she put her weight on Puck, “thank you.”

On reaching Pucks camp Kosta saw a number of Elves going about their day, moving slowly Puck swirled the young woman down to the ground outside his tent, smiling he seemed to almost skip way. As Puck neared the far end of the camp he brought his flute to his lips, curling and twisting the air to his will a song rang out sweet and sharp; only a few moments had passed before two small birds adorned his horns. Taking one gently in his hand he wrapped a note to its leg before it flew off low through the dense trees the other he whispered too then allowing it to take off into the woods as well; smiling to himself Puck sat crossing his legs allowing his eyes to shut. Time drifted on as Pucks skin began to turn cold from the dying of the light he woke from a rather burly crow landing heavy on his left horn, after a quick chirp the bird flew off, bashing Pucks head with a wing of feathers, his face saddened he got to his feet.

“No sign of Ruby, I'm sorry” Puck never enjoyed giving bad news but he felt especially bad giving it to this human.

“Don't worry Ruby can fend for herself unlike her master” Kosta looked at the fire letting her face warm.

Puck handed her a drink “you like it here?”

“I love it, your people are kind, if a little wary the lady Constantina put ointment on my leg; its feeling better” taking a sip from the mug the heat on her face from the fire followed to her belly “now that is good”

As Pucks note sped toward the Cerulean capital these new friends sat drinking and laughing.

* * *

Tyrella the Royal herald made her way up the hard stone stairs of the Cerulean Collage of Mages, coming to a walk as she approached an old oak door bound by dark metal she steadied her breathing. Hearing two strong knocks at his door Wrenlocke eyes darted to the door his hand began shaking, “Yes, yes come in” the words came quickly, hearing his own voice he grabbed form his desk a diamond hexing gem, the warmth from the gem chased his excitement, as the Royal herald entered he was calm again.

“Archmage Wrenlocke;” bowing her head “I bring news from a Puck, an Elvish cleric, he has a wounded member of one your search parties, Kosta a huntress she is being cared for near Oberon's temple, the other Boris the shield trainer was kill by what has been referred to as a Wrathwood Colossus. I was also told that there mission although costly was a success.”

Almost flying to his feet the Archmage began, “you will come with me, you have an hour to pack, ensure this Boris if he had any family that they are well looked after, yes this is fine, we will need horses as well, see to that, I must get ready, we will meet by the main gates” the words came out in what seemed to the herald to be a flood, making no eye contact with her Wrenlocke strode from the room leaving Tyrella struggling to remember the first thing he had said. Noting she was still standing in the Archmages office Tyrella turn on her heels, making her way back out of the collage, she would skip by the bakery for food then to the stable master before informing the family of Boris the shield trainer, this was not how she had planned to spend her afternoon.

Getting all these tasks done in time was demanding but as she wrangled two burly steeds up the cobbled path to the gate her impatient riding companion ran down to meet her, “Primals what took you!” The Archmage slung himself up with surprising elegance, Tyrella followed suit, both cantered out of the great gates of the Cerulean capital.

Stony eyes tracked the two mounted humans in there direction towards the woods; massive wings stretched forth from the deeply still Gargoyle, these wings gave impossible flight moving quickly to the west away from the forest.

Pulling up along side the Archmage Tyrella attempted to slow there pace, “you know we have just more than a days ride ahead the horses will need to rest tonight”

“Your right, yes of course” Wrenlocke retorted slowing his horse to a trot.

Deciding to end the silence and her curiosity Tyrella began “are you able to tell me what mission your people were on?”

“I guess it makes no difference now, and I have been dying to tell someone about this: during my studies I came across an incident that happened during the great war, interesting and disturbing.” Wrenlocke gave a dramatic look toward the herald pulling out a cheeky laugh, smiling he continued. “During the siege of the Cerulean capital the Archmage made a tough decision, he could seal and protect the city, a supremely powerful spell one derived from blood magic.”

“What! An Archmage used blood magic?”

“Yes my reaction was somewhat similar, but he used his own life force to protect the city, using himself as the power for the blood magic the spell lasted for 30 days and 30 nights then when King Wrens Knights with their wolf companions drove back the Underworld masses his apprentice brought down the shield on the 31st day, the Cerulean capital stood untouched, thousands of lives saved.”

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Wrenlocke went on to tell Tyrella of the Archmages apprentice whom ascended to the position of Archmage after the war, at the age of 28 she was the youngest ever to gain the honour. She went onto researching the focusing of magic through a hexing gem to increase the power of a spell; after a decade of failure she gave up her illustrious position in the Collage and moved out to the forest of Feralroot where she had a castle constructed to work in peace. This was over 200 years ago and the location of the castle had been lost to the fog of time, now it had been found now he had the chance to see if she completed her work, it could give the Ardent forces a power the Underworld could not match, he would herald a new era of security. As Wrenlocke was finishing his story the sun grew weak slowing to a walk the travelling pair swung from their horses, tying hers to a tree Tyrella began; “I'll go collect some firewood if you can start on the tents”

“Oh no wonder you took so long to get ready, no need for all that fuss” with that Wrenlocke expanded a ball of energy outward until it enclosed an area of around 12 feet; within the bubble Tyrella felt perfectly warm, not even a hint of a breeze either. “I hope you like your tent” first sitting Wrenlocke then lay on his back to stare at the evening sky.

* * *

As it looked on into the darkening night Grim Skull finally saw what looked to be a large bird, as it landed with incredible grace it most certainly didn't look like one. “Gargoyle what news do you bring?” The great stone mass towered over the necrotic mage.

“The mage has the location of the castle he is off with another to take off where his team left off, they are headed to a camp near the temple of Oberon: my payment?” A left hand moved forward to the necrotic palm up. Grim Skull dropped a small satchel full of gold coins into an expectant hand; on feeling the coins anger took hold of the Gargoyle Ashen, the right hand of the stone hulk struck out grasping the mage round the neck, holding it several feet from the ground.

“This is not what we agreed, WHERE IS THE SHARD!”

Without emotion, or seemingly the need for air the necrotic replied with a near whimsical tone “You will have your prize, but if Mortar thinks it would be as easy as a simple spy mission to obtain what is desired for your people that gargoyle is far from the mark. Find the humans, steal what they gain from the castle and end the Archmage; then and only then shall you have what you need.”

“Fine, but no more tricks, I do this and the shard is ours” with that the Ashen crumpled Grim Skulls head to dust allowing the carcass to fall to the ground.

“My Ashen brother, you should be more cautious dealing with the necrotic” the skill it took to sneak up on a gargoyle was only ever possessed by others of their kind.

The Ashen turn its head back over its left shoulder “Loregoyle, you are to return me to dust? To take my place on this mission?”

Loregoyle stood a few yards back from the Ashen, “No, but you either get the shard or you return to the dust trying.”

“I shall not fail, Mortar will get the shard.”

Loregoyle took to the sky, its great wings barely disturbing the air. The Ashen followed suit moving off toward the dense forest of Feralroot.

* * *

Puck protruded his head trough the fabric of the tent, smiling intently at his guest “Kosta how are you feeling?”

“I'm good, whatever Constinina did to my leg it worked; its better than new!”

“Ha, you humans do enjoy to revel in the simple things; come two humans have arrived from your stone city.”

Getting to her feet thin fingers combed the knots from her hair as she tied it back into a ponytail; brushing through the soft tent she her eyes widened, the Archmage had come, how would she explain Boris, in all that had happened she'd not given the poor fool a second thought. As he mind was wretched from the calm of the elven camp Wrenlocke pulled down his hood revealing a younger face than Kosta had expected, moving forward he began: “Its good to see you are well, I am sorry for your comrade,” Kostas head and eyes bowed for a moment, “no need to feel bad, your survival lead to the discovery of the Castle, and if you are fit to join us we will head back there.”

Puck stepped forward “That Castle is cloaked in blood magic, I suggest you accept your losses and return to your city.”

“Always underestimating us, that blood magic you sense is a locking shield, one I can dismantle then we can get what we came for.” No longer giddy with excitement the Archmage was direct and to the point, Puck shaking his head turned his back.

Kostas hand found the elves before he could walk away “Puck wait; you know I can't leave them to go alone, will you not come on this little adventure with me?”

“Adventure and danger are not synonymous” turning Puck smiled, bending down he picked a twig from the forest floor handing it to Kosta it twisted and wrapped itself into a beautiful broach “when you are done there is a place for you here; in the mean time I will keep my eye out for Ruby, good luck huntress from Gawaine.”

Kosta watched as her elven rescuer moved off into the camp, turning she first regarding the Royal herald then spoke directly to Wrenlocke; “you will need to leave the horses at the camp, straight woodland from here to the clearing, shouldn't take to long.” Giving a quick smile to her new companions Kosta turned to get ready.

* * *

After an hour or so of weaving through the Feralroot forest the Archmage had come to the difinative conclusion that cities were superior in every way to these woodlands, “damit,” tripping once again over a root Wrenlocke throughout a barrage of curses; Tyrella turned back smiling, “just not your cup of tea all this walking.”

“It doesn't have to be, we're here” Kosta stood at the last tree before the clearing looking on at the stone castle ahead.

“Primals, this is; unexpected” Wrenlocke bent down plucking a handful of dead grass, as it broke apart in his hand he redresses a worried face with that of curiosity.

Tyrellas eyebrow arched to a seeming painful degree, “What caused the woods to die back, this place should have been swallowed by the forest decades ago.”

Eyes widening and his furrow deepening Wrenlocke explained about the blood shield and how its power had manifested in such a way, once life within the castle had been drained instead of failing it began to draw from the life of the forest. This place, would over time, drain more and more of the forest until either the range of the blood magic came to an end of the forest did. This shield was far more powerful than that which protected the Cerulean capital during the siege, the complexity of such a spell would take years to create. Fortunately for the Archmage blood magic could not protect form itself, using the blood of the caster a spell or curse could be easily unwoven, and since the first days of the collage a vile of blood was taken and kept from every mage that passed through their doors; if any mage should be tempted to use blood magic their evil could easily be undone using their very blood. Never in his tenure had a mage fallen to such temptation but finally all those viles reaching back to the beginning of the collage would come in handy. As the three passed the through the archway of the tall circular wall enclosing the main structure Kosta is suddenly thrown back, tossed like a rage doll by an unruly child. “Ah you found the shield,” remarked Wrenlocke.

“Really, you think!” Kosta was not amused, “what now?”

The Archmage reached into his pocket revealing a small jar filled with blood, his finger tensed round the cap carefully loosening the top until it came free, he seemed to the other to whisper to it before putting his lips together and blowing gently, tiny red particles rushed out of the vile and covered the shield making it seem red before it collapsed in, the blood instead of falling to the ground rushed back into the vile as the Archmage sealed it tight. “There all done.”

“That seemed a little easy.” Tyrella remarked

“There may well be further defences within the castle, it is safe to assume nothing lives within or the shield would have drained their life too, but magical traps and enchantment can last generations, keep your guard up.” With that Wrenlocke placed is hand against the tall double doors the wood had rotted somewhat but they were still locked tight.

“Magic shields you can deal with, this I can handle,” Kosta bent down on one knee as she undid her hair from its tight ponytail, then pulling a hair pin she unlocked the door in a moment.

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“Impressive, you'll have to show me that trick some day” Tyrella exclaimed, she had been quite taken with this huntress, she might even make an worthy herald, if she would only loose that horrid fur she dressed herself in.

Pushing inside stale dead air wisped passed them as torches stilled burned along the long hallway they now stood comfortably three abreast, the fire in these torches kept alive by magic, “this place hums with power” the Archmage marvelled at spells could have such longevity. Moving through the passage the three came to a circular open area, the roof must have extended up to the castle ceiling itself, the dark stone floor dressed with red carpet while red wall hangings adorned the the outer rim of this reception area, under these wall hangings were fully adorned suits of armour, “empty guards for an empty castle” Wrenlocke exclamed “we should keep moving, their will be a lab and a library somewhere in here”. A staircase on the far side curved in both directions giving access to the rest of the castle; as the three crossed the middle of the reception flames suddenly burst from the the suits of armour, their swords burned with the same deadly intent, as the metal came to life creaking and staggering forward. “Cinder Knights, fight them!” with that Wrenlocke unleashed a burst of white light from his hand striking one of the Knights, as the blast connected the menacing armour crumpled in pieces to the ground. “bet I kill more;” with a grin Kosta let loose arrows into the flaming eyes of the two closes Cinder Knights, on connecting with the inside of the helmet the head was knocked clean off causing the fire and the magic that held them together loose crumpling them to the ground. Tyrella took off back toward the way they came, guarding the rear she rolls under one flaming sword pulling to he feet her half turn lands her sword hard into the back of the living armour forcing it to stumble forward into another blast from the mage. Turning back to the other foe just in time to block the attack, fire licked at her face, as her sword clashed with the knights she could feel its strength was greater than her own, deliberately leaving herself open the knight took a powerful down ward swing as she spun out of the way Tyrella allowed her momentum to carry her sword into the knights now undefended head knocking it clean off. Looking back the other two had finished off the rest; “well that's two for me,”

“I think one and a half,” Wrenlocke gave a childish smile.

“That was close, we need to be more careful, you and Tyrella take the left I will take the right, the staircase meets half way up the castle, we will meet back their.” Kosta couldn't shake the feeling Puck was right about this place.

The staircase split the group Kosta followed the cold stone to the left until she reached a locked door, not much hassle, inside the room, books, hundreds if not thousands of books, they pertained to magic, history, politics anything anyone could want to know it was here, the rows of shelves were broken into three lines each row seemed to stretch on forever. Moving down the rows here eyes searched; how was she ever going to find something important and if she did how was she going to know, as she continued on she saw a desk, coated in a think layer of dust a book, no a diary lay open. Flicking a few pages back she began to read.

“I can do this, I just need more time, more time than this ageing body will give me. I have heard of a man who can grant everlasting life, usually at the cost of ones free will but rumour has it if you can bring him a gift of great enough value he shall grant you this gift free from his dominion.” Skimming a little further on Kosta began reading again. “The meeting went almost as planned; I met with a King, cold and pale he claimed to have seen the Hex comet strike Entrath, strong and wise this is no snake oil he peddles, but the price he claims seems odd. I would become his daughter, a Princess to a kingdom, at 40 I feel a little silly being a Princess but if I understand him correctly he needs an adopted child to marry off to another of Prince in some far off land increasing his influence. They are humanoid in shape and tongue but this is just a skin, these things are of something entirely different they are like nothing like I have come across before. Agreeing I may continue my work until I am called upon to do this duty and by then I might even feel like settling down. That's it settled I shall accept his terms, I'm of to be a bloody Princess!” No more entries Kosta wondered if this former Archmage had finally moved off to marry her prince leaving her castle sealed, so one day she could return.

In the meantime Tyrella and Wrenlocke had followed the other spiral to the right leading them to the lab, scrolls and sheets were scattered on table tops, burn marks decorated the walls and in the middle of the room stood a Hexing gem caste into a metal stand this gem is round cut and ruby in type, beside it a table with a note. “What's it say?” Tyrella saying with a hint of insistence, a hand in nervous anticipation reached out, Wrenlocke began reading, a broad smile decorating his face. “This is what we came for, a Hexing gem that can focus magic, cut in such a way as to enhance the effects of a spell; this one seems to pertain to the simple burn spell, shall we try?”

“Just don't kill us, or melt the castle or collapse space-time in on itself” Tyrella took a few cautious steps back.

Reading the rest of the instructions the Archmage lay his palm flat on the gem calling forth the burn spell, as it is caste the gem seemed to absorb the power for a moment before a blast raged form the other side blowing a whole clean through the wall and sending dust and stone streaming through the lab. “Yes! This is it!” Wrenlocke could no longer hold his excitement pushing and popping the gem from its setting he eyed it in his hand that burn spell should have left no more than a mark on the wall, instead sunlight flooded in the newly formed window. “Tyrella gather all the notes you can, then we will meet up with Kosta and hurry more discoveries may await us upstairs.”

Kosta had been waiting nearly half an hour by the time the other two made their way to her, sitting with her legs through the wooden banister she looked down to the reception allowing her mind to fill with vertigo. “You took your time, find anything interesting?”

“Indeed we did, exactly what we came for, she managed it that old mage did it; magic focused though a hexing gem; how did you get on?” Wrenlocke said with eager anticipation.

“A diary, she decided she couldn't complete her work in her life time so she endeavoured to extend it, indefinitely;” Kosta noted a seriousness enter Wrenlockes face, “it seems she found some King that could grant her this gift if she was willing to become his daughter, from the end of the diary it seems she took him up on the offer.”

“This could spell trouble for us,” Wrenlocke stared down the final hallway to a door, the main living chamber “we should continue with great care, this sounds a lot like vampirism to me, a myth I had thought, or maybe had hoped”

Walking down the corridor Tyrella opened the door, hand on hilt as Kosta slipped an arrow onto her bow; moving in they were greeted by a spectacular room a giant bed lay in the centre bodies surrounded a calm beauty with near black flowing hair. “So finally someone broke my shield, I guess I have let things slide this last century or so, and getting past my knights, not an easy task; this will be fun.”

Kostas eyes found almost twelve targets for her bow moving around the room they seemed barley aware of their presence, “Who are you?”

“Little me, I am a 250 year old Princess of the most powerful vampire clan, a former Archmage and creator of an incredible new form of magical art that remained out of the grasp of mortal men for thousands of years; who the f**k are you!” With that in a instance the half naked, some fully naked bodies in the room turned to stare at the intruders.

Wrenlocke took over “this is Kosta the keenest eyed huntress in Gawaine and this steal clad woman on my left is Tyrella a Royal herald who has travelled from the Capital of Adamanth to find herself in a decrepit castle in the middle of a forest and I am the current Archmage of the Cerulean collage.”

“Not for long” the words came out as a snarl inciting her slaves into action.

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As one lunged for Tyrella a heavy blow from Kosta bow force it to stagger back, seeing her opportunity took a powerful upswing as Wrenlocke enchanted fire into her blade it sliced through the vampire cutting it clean in half. On seeing this the vampire princess slid from the bed making her way to the other end of the room. As another approached Wrenlocke, a burst of red jolted from his hand leaving a burning whole in the chest of the aggressor, falling to its knees it fell into dust; Tyrella thrust her sword through the abdomen of another pinning it to a wall, there were still to many. Wrenlocke pulled all the might he could muster, he knew only a few mages had ever succeeded in this spell, but if there was a time for it to work it would be now, blue mist streamed from the Archmage enveloping Kosta; through her eyes time began to slow to a halt. Looking at the rooms as if it were a painting she drew her bow and loosed an arrow right at the heart of the nearest enemy, it flew as quick as ever for a few feet before slowing to a crawl as if the air was made of jelly. She drew again and again each arrow slowed each on target for the heart of its intended victim finally eight arrows were simply floating in the air; suddenly time returned and the remaining vampires burst to dust as the arrows pierced their target. Kosta just had time to see the princess disappear into some kind of portal; moving after her the portal closed she could see no trace of her. Looking across Tyrella had left the last of the vampires pinned to the wall by her sword as she ran over to Wrenlocke, who was slumped to the floor.

“Are you ok?” Tyrella begged him to be fine

“Yes, yes I'm alright; the mastery of time spell takes an extreme toll but I shall recover.” Feeling drained Wrenlocke managed to give a weak smile.

Tyrella stood up and began “well that was quite,” she stopped mid sentence, hard cold steal coated in red protruded from her chest.

Kosta spun round, seeing the vampire unpinned from the wall she send an arrow screeching into the side of its head, then another and again over and over until she had no arrows left and the creature faded to dust. Tyrella slumped to her knees, as Kosta reached her at a run, blood chocked and drowned the warrior as she tried in vain to breath.

“Save her!” Kostas eyes searched the Archmage finding only sorrow. He took his hand and pressed it to her cheek, the corner of Tyrellas mouth rose as her eyes closed softly.

“Damit, no come-on” Kosta had seen two good people die, and for what a stupid hexing gem “she should have finished that thing off, why didn't you just finish it.” Kosta stood walking hard and fast to a window looking out on the great Feralroot forest, blurred as it was with swelling emotion.

Wrenlocke slid the sword from her back laying her down red stretched outward from her, the Archmage stood up. “This discovery will save lives, many lives; Tyrella and Boris are the heroes of this story a story that will be told for a long time to come.” He removed her satchel with care, all the notes on making focusing gems were there.

“Lets get just out of here.” Kosta moved past Wrenlocke heading for the exit the two didn't exchange even a glance on their way out.

Stepping back into the world the light of the afternoon sun burned there eyes, but Kosta could make out Puck in the distance, and Ruby he had found the little nuance a little bit of happiness crept its way back into her mind. The pair started towards Puck; suddenly Wrenlocke shoved Kosta to the ground as a great heap of stone landed just feet from them; on seeing this the elf pulled out his flute.

“Hand over whatever you found in their and I will consider leaving the woman and the elf alive” the Ashen gargoyle stood as an oppressive force, one Wrenlocke was not about to let stand in his way as he threw a white blot from his hand. The Ashen crushed the bottle the necrotic had gifted him, throwing out a blue sphere it deflected the blast, the gargoyle repaid the mage with a solid back hand knocking him several feet in the air as he landed in the archway, missing the outer wall of the castle. Kosta now let loose several arrows, landing hard they seemed to just chip at the hard stone; turning its attention to her the Ashen threw down a heavy blow, a well timed dive saw the huntress unscathed, but how could she kill stone.

“Maybe you should pick on someone your own size.” The voice was Pucks, anger flowed threw it.

Without turning round the Ashen started “Ha yes if you were 10 times the size then I could.”

“Who said I was talking about me;” a confidence breezed through Pucks voice as the Ashen gargoyle turn to see before it a great beast of roots “this is a root father, say hi rootfather”

A hard wood fist collided with a stone face, the Ashen was taken off guard as another punch came in the gargoyle grasped the rootfathers arm pushing back the two seemed of equal strength. Seeing her chance Kosta slid her hunting knife from her back placing it between her teeth she jumped upon the stone back of the gargoyle, the constant movement of the ensuing fight made for a tough climb but she reached the creatures head. Taking her knife from her mouth Kosta Drove the knife into the eye of the gargoyle, as the blade broke so to did the eye of the stone beast; screaming in pain it released its grip of the rootfather, grasping Kosta it threw her with tremendous force against the hard stone wall of the castle. Free from the grip of the gargoyle the rootfather took its chance taking hold of a wing and the head the tangled mess tore one from the other decapitating the gargoyle, it broke into a cloud of dust.

Sitting Wrenlocke looked over at Puck he had gone to the aid of Kosta, reaching them Puck turned, “I, have no magic that can undo this, tell me you have that power?”

Reaching out to the elf Wrenlocke began, “Neither do I my friend, but the least you deserve is to say goodbye to each other.” White streamed from the hands of the Archmage as Kosta blinked her eyes opened.

Her hand jumped out to grasp Pucks, “Something, something is coming you must find Venron, a broker for the void society you must save them; please, promise me you will stop it.”

“Stop what” Puck was cut off

“I can't describe it, just find Venron;” pushing back tears Kosta looked deep into Pucks welling eyes “I wish I could have come back to the forest with you listened to your songs and danced into the night, take care of Ruby, and find Venron, you promise me this.”

“I will, I promise.” Puck watched as the white light emanating form her body faded and she fell back into nothingness as Ruby nuzzled into her side.

* * *

As the pyre burned Puck wove a song, its magic creped out forming images in the smoke of Kosta dancing and laughing with the elves of the camp, as her body was consumed to the fire Puck collected a bag of his things, and with Ruby in tow began for the great inter-faction bazaar. Who was this Venron, what was coming and who was he supposed to save.

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Always enjoy reading fanfics. Great job.