View Full Version : Naruto DBG: Location counterplay?

06-24-2015, 09:56 AM
I managed to pick up the Naruto DBG for a good price and have really been enjoying it with my friends. It brings a lot of unique things to the table in terms of other games.

However one problem we face is that the Location cards are just too good. Getting really good cards for just 1 or 2 chakra is scary. They cost quite a bit to balance it of course. The problem is that there is only one card in the entire set that can take them off the field (Shurado, the Pain card..only 2 copes in the deck), and otherwise they're an untouchable source of a free cards and VP per turn. They have a huge effect on the game compared to other cards and getting lucky with them showing up on your turn puts you too far ahead once you draw it from your deck.

It's gotten so bad that we've considered just taking them out of the game. Or we could add 2 more copies of Shurado to the deck somehow. Is there anything we're missing or is added location counterplay just something to be included in the next expansion if any?

06-24-2015, 05:35 PM
They are strong, but there are not always things to buy. People can hate on the card types you can buy.
Also, Chakra you spend to buy cards is not able to be used on other Chakra abilities, so it doesn't help your current turn or ability to take down Bosses.

06-25-2015, 12:17 PM
Good point on hate buying, though it can be a bit hard for a few reasons.
1) The card they'd otherwise pick up could be an expensive Power costing one so it would take up an entire turn to deny and there could also be a card that I want that's much stronger or fits my character well and the next player would pick that up over me. A frustrating choice for sure.
2) It depends on the village they have. Techniques are the most plentiful type in the game, so it's very hard to deny those. It's true that they also aren't the strongest abilities to pick up excluding a select few.

For the Chakra part, Whether they use that Chakra on bosses sorta depends on the hand, or their character (Ex: Jiraiya's doesn't put him ahead in that turn, only future turns). Cards that aren't Villages and require require Chakra for bonus abilities aren't exactly plentiful in the set.
15/110~ or so
Therefore you might have quite a bit of Chakra leftover after using your ability especially if your deck is well tuned to your Chakra points. I'll admit there are a few cards that scale based on your chakra, but said cards lead to further chakra abundance either later (Medical Jutsu) or now (Kabuto).

Of course you know better than me as the major designer for the game, these are just the struggles that we've had. We could very well be playing wrong, perhaps we should be going after the bosses faster? Sometimes we don't kill an Archenemy when the opportunity is there over instead getting a really solid card in the line. Is that always a bad play which leads to later games?

Everything else in the game has been very good. Thank you.