View Full Version : Brown Fox Scout text confusing/redundant

06-25-2015, 04:37 PM

The second sentence seems completely unnecessary and redundant with the first sentence.

I havent played around with this so I'm not sure if there is some other effect that justifies that second sentence. If there is, then it is too confusing to understand what the point of it is.

If I'm reading this right, you can only play the top card when the top card is brown fox scout?

06-25-2015, 05:22 PM
The text being duplicated is unintentional, I'm sure. Yes, Brown Fox Scout only allows you to see & play the top card of your deck when it is the top card of your deck. Also, note that it is a Quick Troop, which allows you to play it on your opponent's turn.

There is another card, the Augur of Sirion, that allows you to see and play the top card of your deck as long as it is in play.