View Full Version : Auction House Reopened

06-27-2015, 03:04 PM
5.23pm PST: We believe we have resolved issues with the Auction House.


We're looking into issues recently experienced in the auction house. It will require further maintenance. We apologize the inconvenience and will update everyone with new information when it comes in.

ETA unknown. We'll update around 8.30 PST.

06-27-2015, 03:07 PM
Is the API also affected? Haven't been able to update it all day, timing seems to synch up with the AH issues.

06-27-2015, 04:27 PM
Update at 4.30pm PST: we are still investigating issues related to the Auction House. Next update is around 8.30 PST.

06-27-2015, 05:23 PM
We believe that we have resolved issues related to the Auction House