View Full Version : Armies of Myth - Limited Format Set Review

07-13-2015, 09:17 AM
heya folks!

Took a bit of a hiatus but Set 3 looks bangin' and I felt like making a series of Reviews on it. Share some of my and my buddy GRA's thoughts on these delicious new cards.

The Review will come in 7 parts which I will upload over the next week. I know I'm a bit late to the party but maybe someone can get some use out of this format.



Q: Why not BREAD?
A: Because I think BREAD is silly. It's a forced acronym and barely works in MTG... In Hex it works even less because the dynamics between the cards and what's good is so different. f.e. Removal makes sense because other spells are usually bad whereas in Hex some of the permanent buff spells are some of the strongest in Draft.

Q: Why not talk about all the cute combos you can pull off with these new champions?
A: Because cute combos are generally not something that wins you a Draft. Fish Hands f.e. is a great combat trick because it does so many things in so many situations. Knightsbane Ovo simply is not because his basic use is incredibly limited and all the cute, fancy nonsense is going to be rare.