View Full Version : Teen Titans First Look

07-16-2015, 08:11 AM
Got this base set yesterday and I've got to say, I really love what they did with the Character cards and the set. I will say though, seems to have blow out cards like Classic does (Man of Steel, now Teen Titans Go! and Vic Stone). Really like the concept, the playstyle and even though I was rocking my opponent, he still managed to keep within a decent score of me. As far as the Characters go, I got the following comments.

Kid Flash - Sweet Jesus did they want this guy to start some trouble! On a good turn I was able to buy 14 cards and just ignored the Super-Villain. Not to mention, this guy brings big bad Shazam! down a few pegs by allowing more cards into the Line-Up and giving Shazam! less sway over the control of the game.

Beast Boy - Let's trade a Kick for Heat Vision! My god this guy can turn any trash hand into a pretty decent hand with his combo potential. Very interested in trying this guy out with Red Tornado Crisis and making combo decks every game. (Deck to discard, then any Hero trade for Kent Connor and then grab Teen Titans Go!... proceed to force opponent to wear dress).

Starfire - Didn't the game have enough good Starfires already? Did we need 1 more? Was that necessary? Sure, let's go with another good Starfire who allows you to play the Punch and destroy it too... Love her, much play, wow.

Blue Beetle - This poor guy... he didn't even know what hit him when the train came a-coming... he's the weaker version of The Flash Crisis because he doesn't go first. However he does synergize a bit with Teen Titans, so that's cool.

4 other guys - Love the concept, each one powerful in their own way, can't wait to see how they work in each set.