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07-18-2015, 03:48 AM
Hey there,

First of all apologies if this is in the wrong place...
Over the last few weeks i have been doing some videos of my draft picks because i'm basically very bad at drafting. I have previously only been putting them up for my guild but since the Hex community is generally very supportive and helpful i thought i would wave this one around more widely to try and get some more opinions. If you have some time to watch and provide some hints / guidance as to where i'm going wrong that would be great.

This is the thing (https://youtu.be/FekcAj3ZBiw)

For reference my eventual performance with the deck was about the usual i get - i won a single game in my first match, lost the other two and left the draft with only empty hands and shame... :)

07-18-2015, 06:01 AM
Hey Fool. This is a great video, I really enjoyed it.

I do feel like you are 80% of the way there. My only critique is that you did tuck yourself into an archetype, but then never considered expanding upon it. Even as Ruby/Sapphire dwarves, there were several strong picks for you that did not fit the cookie cutter dwarf archetype, but that would have made your deck stronger. Early in pack one (maybe pick 4?) you passed an Elite Pyromancer. He fit your colors and would have made your deck much strong, buffing you 3+ cost dwarves with attack, which is generally the area that dwarves are the weakest. The same goes for the Ruby Enchantress in pack 3 that you passed. Those sorts of picks are the ones that make your deck good enough to surprise your opponent and get the edge.

If I can say one more thing, I would suggest doing a bit more cutting when you don't have an obvious candidate for a card that would go into your deck. You most likely are not going to want the second or third Careful Rumaging. Those picks could have been used to cut Bastion of Adamanth and other bomby cards that other players would have liked.

But again, I think you're really 80% of the way there. You were able to pick an archetype and knew what cards would generally do well for you. Now it's time to start expanding and borrowing some of the best tricks from other archetypes when they present themselves to you.

Again, thank you for posting this! I really enjoyed listening to your commentary and thought process.

07-18-2015, 07:13 AM
Hi Fool. Thanks for sharing your draft experience. :)

When I draft, there's one overarching question I ask myself: "How will this deck reliably win me the game?"

There are several aspects to that: in your video you mentioned card advantage and playing cards on curve. You also gave thought to removal when you talked about Ruby Lance. Card advantage, curve, and removal are important characteristics of a successful deck, but they won't win games on their own. Consider the ridiculous example of a draft deck with 23 Oracle Songs and 17 shards.

My advice is that you should prioritize making picks that are good for your deck instead of picks that meet an archetype.

Given the cards you drafted, your deck was probably about as good as it could be. Gearsmith is a fantastic dwarf if you have lots of Artifacts but I'm not sure you did. Subterranean Saboteur is okay; it might have been interesting to combo with your 4x Axe Bots to get surprise blocks and spread +2 attack buffs. Pterobot, Tower Hulk, and possibly Hornet Bot with the Underground Overdriver looked to be your primary win conditions so Careful Rummaging was probably a decent inclusion to help find those cards; however, Careful Rummaging's value drops off steeply as you have more bombs in your deck.

As for your early draft section:

P1P1 - Crank Rocket was among the best cards in the pack; that, Feeding the Young Ones, Battle Hardened Pa, and the rare were the only cards I would've considered taking.
P1P2 - Bastion and Wrecka were both better cards. Also, since the pack was otherwise light on Wild and humans, taking either would discourage players to your left from being in Wild/humans. Bot Shop is probably a better pick than Crank Rocket because it's continuous card advantage and, based on rarity, you're less likely to see another.
P1P4 - The best cards were Pyromancer and Seapriest; Pyro would even have been a better pick for your deck than Hypnoscientist. In terms of signals, this is a signal that the people passing you cards are not playing humans.
P1P7 - Vanguard of Cerulea, Rallying Banner, and Rune Ear Burrower were all better cards (again, Wild/humans).

There were several picks in Pack 3 I would've made differently (there was a Sapphire Aura and Mortar Strike in the middle picks; those would've been nice) but overall you did mostly well. Keep learning from your experiences and you'll find yourself doing better. :)

07-18-2015, 07:47 AM
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07-18-2015, 09:07 AM
Hello Fool.
Thank you for sharing your draft, it was a fairly good job.
Many of my own thoughts have been already covered by those above me, so I'd rather just focus on rules of thumb:

In your first pack, you should never be married to your current archtype.

Like the others have stated, if you can take a strong card that's less commiting, (Pyromancer, Sly huntress, Mentor of the Flames), that can sometimes be safer then taking the card that's only good in dwarves.

If you don't see a good card for your deck (Like in pick 7) try taking strong cards that might not be in your colors but could work with some of what you have (Like taking that rune ear burrower instead of the Cerulean Mirror Magi).
Going 3 colors is not the prefered option, but better a 3 color deck with high card quality then a 2 color deck with mediocre quality.

Lastly, at the end of packs, if you don't see any card you would play, consider hate drafting a powerful card that's not on color, or taking a card you don't have for the sideboard.
Because lets be honest, you didn't need that second mirror magi, or the third and forth Axe bots.

07-19-2015, 06:56 AM
Thank you to all, its nice to get all the comments and one of the things i have found is that there is no one way to do this and when people have differing opinions the debate that can generate is often fairly enlightening.
Im certainly getting BETTER though i have a long way to go before i am good :)
I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to watch and give some comment.