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07-18-2015, 07:54 PM
This is an attempt to refine the gameplay of Forever Evil.

My play group and I are big fans of drafting style games, DC Deckbuilder being one of our perennial favorites. We were initially excited about Forever Evil because of the marked variation of game play from the previous sets. However, after several games, the general consensus was that the game felt incomplete.

The group generally agreed on the following:

1. The game play lagged at times, mainly due to the inability to generate 6+ Power easily.
2. The cards with ‘effect on destruction’ were brilliant in design, but do not occur with sufficient frequency to support the theme.

We unanimously agreed that the Emperor Penguin/Word of Power-cycle were one of the most intriguing factors of the game, but did not occur with sufficient frequency. I think by increasing this mechanic will allow turns to be more explosive when planned correctly.

Proposed Cycle 1 -Cost: 3 VP: 0

Hero: Play: +2 Power
When Destroyed: Draw 2

Villain Play: +2 Power
When Destroyed: 2 VP, +2 Power

Super Power: Play: Draw 2, Discard 2
When Destroyed: Reduce your next purchase by 4

Equipment: Play: +1 Draw, +1 Power
When Destroyed: +3 Power

The second cycle are overcosted, but have alternative costs for purchasing. This idea is to combo them with ‘Super Intellect/Secret Society Communicators’ or Transmute.

Proposed Cycle 2 - Cost: 6 VP: 0
Hero: Play: +2 Power,
Buy this card for free if you have at least 3 different card types in your discard pile.

Villain: Play: +2 Power
Reduce the cost of this card by 1 for each card type in your discard pile.

Super Power: Play: +2 Power,
Discard 3 cost worth of cards from your hand to gain this card.

Equipment: Play: +2 Power,
Discard a card to reduce the cost of this card by 3.

Final Thoughts

The abilities of the individuals cards is not set in stone. The verbiage and game balance must still be refined further with persona's taken into consideration, and to make the cards less bland. However I think the concepts are worth exploring.

I would be interested to get input from the community on their thoughts. Thanks for reading.

07-19-2015, 10:40 AM
I kinda agree with the lack of frequency on the destruction wombo combos, i just got FE 2 days ago and me and the sister played it all day yesterday. While i was able to destroy cards all day no problem, i never seemed to find my self in a position where the destruction wombos were my best decision. Maybe if a crisis 3 expansion for FE cam out the could add A LOT more destruction wombo cards, maybe cards that when you destroy them trigger an attack?

07-20-2015, 08:17 AM
What a lot of players don't understand (including some of my friends in our DC DBG circle who hate playing me in Forever Evil), is that the game isn't a combo heavy concept like all the other base sets.

In every other base set (including Teen Titans), there are extremely high powered combos that allow for insane turns that can cause berserk swing turns that can essentially ruin the game. The difference with Forever Evil is that you aren't looking for swing turns, you're looking for a perfect deck.

The 3-cost destroy cards that can net you 1 VP are there for the purpose of clearing out useless cards (Vulnerabilities, Punches, Weaknesses) and also to snipe out cards you no longer need (Kicks, Cold Guns, Bizarro Powers, etc.) in the late game in order to gain VP while reducing deck size to better your chances of having a good turn.

The 4-cost destroy or gain +2 Power cards are for either clearing out useless cards or to destroy their specified card type to give a boost in a certain situation (ex. Secret Society destroy Swamp Thing to reach the power to buy Constantine and Deathstorm which is much better than Swamp Thing overall). If you constantly had cards worth destroying, then you are making those cards much too powerful and sought after.

On a good game of Forever Evil, I will have a 20-30 card deck that is capable of buying the Super-Hero pretty much every turn, while maintaining Defenses and/or Attacks. The key here is designing a deck with a theme and keeping it tight and control the game as much as possible. People who say they struggle to generate 6+ power are not building their deck for the theme of the game. I've had too many games where I develop 30+ power and all I buy is the Super-Hero and maybe a couple of Kicks or other cards to destroy for VP gain. Probably the hardest thing to do with Forever Evil is detach yourself from all you know with every other DC DBG and start fresh with a new concept made specifically for this game.

07-20-2015, 09:35 AM
Among the decks, I preferred the forever evil deck and at one point I build a custom deck around the concept of forever evil ....

In forever evil I felt the gameplay to be more tactical than the other decks. Forever evil requires the player to first destroy their deck off vulnerabilities and punch, and then to rebuild the perfect deck.

There are several combo that can be pulled. Vp gaining and man bat serum. Royal flush. The 3-cost destroy card can be particularly useful in this build. At the end after I destroy all the starter, I start to destroy my other cards as well, keeping as minimal card as possible, each time I destroy I will gain 1 vp. Transmutation is crucial, since I can gain 1 vp and a card from the line up when I destroy cards (non starter). Giganta would be a good card for this build as well, since with very little card in your deck, your discard pile would mostly not be there, allowing giganta to hit +4 power. But honestly if you are targeting for heavy vp gaining, you probably won't have enough power to take the super heroes even with giganta. Finally pray for a deathstorm and phantom stranger for 10
Free vp.

In forever there is also firestorm matrix, extremely useful card, especially with vibe and grid, you can easily set up the card which you would like to permanently make as on going ... On of my favorite is royal flush, allowing a draw 2 diacars 2 every turn.

Another important card in FE is the 4-cost destroy card. If I already bought that card and I know it's somewhere in my deck which I will be drawing in the next few turn. I would purposely buy a high cost card so that I can destroy it and gain a sudden boost of power. The thing is that in forever evil, it is ok to sacrifice your card for a super heroes, obtaining one super heroes would give a tremendous advantage over your opponent.

There there is the 4 villian from crime syndicate. At the start it is weak but as the game progress, their power could grow to more than +5 easily. If I have superwoman for example, I would randomly buy villians and destroy it to stack up the amount of villian in the destroy pile. But this tactic can be counter using their super heroes counterpart, as wonder woman will use 3 villian from the destroy pile and return it to the bottom of the main deck.

For the 1 cost "utility" card, power word, Steve Trevor, emperor penguin etc. usually I will leave it at the line up simply because:
1. Risk of being destroy by broadsword by other players
2. Risk of shuffling it into my deck and it effectively become a vulnerability
But it really depends on situation to buy or not to buy it straight away as it appear on the line up.

Firestorm hero card if used correctly can also be devastating , but it's a risk, prefer to use it after buying vibe or grid.

Overall I think there is lots of synergy between cards in forever evil, requires more planning and patient.

07-20-2015, 12:33 PM
MStreva89 gets it.