View Full Version : Stress Tourney Prizes - Not recieved so far...

07-23-2015, 11:59 AM
Hey lovely Hex-Team,

got a question regarding the "payout" of prizes towards the Stress Tourney of Testrealm.
Yesterday i saw a post that Prizes will be sent out here in the forum. As i checked today my account i had to notice i didn't got my prizes so far. I ask several ppl that particpated in Tourney and they said they recived their prizes.

Now i might point out the troublemaker that issues with the payout of my prizes.
I went on testservers under the Nickname "Graverips" Place 33th which was 4 boosterpacks .... Since my live Server Name is different from this Testserver Name i might not recieved them.

Live-Server-IGN: ArcSalam

PS: I wrote a ticket regarding this but didn't recieved an anwser yet.

Hope you can help me and everyone besides me didn't expect those issues.