View Full Version : Kicked one game from Duke...

07-25-2015, 10:26 PM
So record 4-2, in my last match to determine if I get Duke, draw a great opening hand and off to a good start when it looks like my opponent has gone afk or something in the middle of the match... but 4 minutes later it tells me nope, it was me who was disconnected, that or we both did, either way I hit yes, reconnect me and more then 5 minutes later it finally reconnects only to tell me I lost by default due to time out -_-

Was likely my last chance at Duke (3 sealed gauntlets my financial limit), certainly no guarentee I was going to win him, but sooooooo frustrating to not even get the chance, especially when I was feeling really good about my position and hand when the server gave up on the ghost. My internet itself remained fine through out, in fact while I thought my opponent was afk because he hadn't done anything or responded for a couple minutes, I began surfing the web on a separate monitor with out issue to pass the time till he returned or timed out so I'm really hesitant to believe the issue was on my end, but either way felt it was worth posting in case it is a bug of some kind.

Disconnect happened during the end phase of my opponents turn and on my screen my opponents timer was the one counting down the whole time.

07-25-2015, 11:53 PM
You're probably better off sending a ticket in to the support site (support.hextcg.com) but they're unlikely to be able to give you a Duke (just an event ticket).