View Full Version : "Opponent disconnected" message stuck on screen after gauntlet ended

07-27-2015, 04:27 PM
The "Opponent disconnected" message is stuck on screen after gauntlet ends if opponent concedes the final game by exiting Hex.

Steps to Reproduce: play to a 4-0 score in Gauntlet. In the final game, have the opponent concede.

Frequency: once

Additional Information: In the final game of a gauntlet (I was at 4-1), my opponent conceded, and at the same time as the "you win" animation played out, an "Opponent disconnected" message appeared. I was back in Tournaments with the prize popup open, but the "Opponent disconnected" message remains stuck on screen. Changing tabs makes it disappear for a second, then it re-appears. Waiting 5 minutes or more does not make the alert go away. You need to quit the app and relog to get rid of it.