View Full Version : Set 3 Drafting for Dummies: Bryson Maplewood

07-29-2015, 01:48 PM
When drafting, sometimes it is beneficial to choose cards that synergize with a particular champion.

The following is a list of cards, organized by shard and rarity, that synergize to some degree with Bryson's charge power: "BASIC [D/R] - If you control more troops than each opposing champion: (4) - Target troop you control gets +1/+1 and Swiftstrike." With the right cards, Bryson can be a powerful champion, due to his ability to bestow a major buff upon one of his troops early in the game.

Valiant Escort
Deathless Guardian
Iljun's Parade
Starsight Oracle
Quash Ridge Tusker
Duplicitous Duke
Houndmaster of Ardevaas
Scrapyard Magnetron

Inflict Doubt
Chimera Guard Fallen
Crypt Shrieker
Neophyte Awakener
Flamehand Invoker
Veteran Raider
Pyresoul Summoner
Scrapyard Bruiser

Brightmoon Brave
Spiritbound Spy
Ashwood Soloist
Deadeye Ripper
Woolvir Baa'sher*
First Blood
Staggering Blast*
Volley of Arrows

*these are the commons you really want.

As you can see, most of these cards are low-cost and aggressive, with many that allow you to use one card to produce more than one creature and a few that are better the more creatures you have. Bryson can be hard to catch if he gets an early lead. Good Bryson decks will get ahead early and then have a way to push through lethal damage before the enemy can stabilize with large creatures.

You should consider tailoring your draft to build a Bryson deck after you choose a few of the rares or uncommons listed here during the first pack or if you notice that there are a plethora of listed commons being passed to you near the end of the first pack. This indicates that most likely no one else is building a Bryson deck, giving you access to more of these cards in packs two and three.

Read below for more advice on this topic. Good luck drafting Bryson, and smile each time you draw Staggering Blast for the win!