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07-30-2015, 12:06 AM
The video is here (http://youtu.be/cbOPbl4LMj0)

I _FEEL_ like this deck is stronger than some of my previous efforts and realising that Periwinkle duplicates 5 costs actions as well as troops made predator / prey hilarious.
Unfortunately i still burnt out at my standard point - one game win in my first match up and two losses so i didnt manage to get through to the second round.
All comments and suggestions gratefully received.

07-30-2015, 02:32 AM
uhm, ok, let's check on this.

first of, picking random stuff for good half a pack is not too good of an idea, you send weird signals to the guy behind you and it can lead to getting him into the colors that you later on decide to pick. which in pack 2 takes good picks from you.

then i will just go through your picks, where some things are going pretty weird, notice that i haven't seen the deck in action at this point, as i will go through the video while writing here:
Pack 1:
1: taking the first Rare is completely fine, periwinkle is damn strong in draft
2: you were close to make a huge misstake, but then you took the blademaster, which is a bomb in draft and at that point in a draft there are not many picks that can hang with him
3: here the first bad idea. your first 2 picks are staples in a speciific draft strategy and the pack has 3 good cards for that deck. i would have picked the boomsmith here as there is a good chance that either the smashodon or the prey will come back and give you another card playable in the later picks.
4: here is a hard choice, the picks in your color aren't that great and you have the option to either pick them anyway or hate pick something to send a signal or just to deny a card. the pick you made was all right for the later, for your deck the dryad would be good as a reserve option against heavy shift decks
5: the pick was good, same as i would have done. your thoughts made me worry there. the researcher isn't really good in drafts and you realize that you are into 2 different decks at that moment.
6: good thing is, that you realize here that you have to go with one strat. the pick you made here is ok, i'm not sure if i would have picked the same or the healer
7: here you have to realize that pick 7 is not "come around the way" there are 8 players, so pick 9 is the first pack that made 1 full round. and you think about the culler again, even tho you decided to go with elves and ramp the pack before. and then you make me cry by picking it, even with a skydancer there, which is such a incredibly strong card for the deck you want
8: correct pick and correct thoughts right there
9: right thoughts, wrong pick. you want ramp (and could have a lot of it already) but this spell in particular is not good enough, as it is 4 shards, a point where your elves already make the difference to cast big guys. and you pass up on a boomsmith, that would help you, as you don't have much removal
10: again, just a "why???" moment. smashodon is what you want right here. you have a elves and 5+ guys theme and the elve you pick doesn't make mana and is just not good (cost to stats ratio). you could have even picked lunge, as you can lure opponents into combat tricks with your mana elves easily
11: same choice, but here you make the right decision, kinda weird. but ok ^^ , again you consider your 2 deck types, even though you already made a decision earlier
12: dryad would be better here, as sworplay is good with swiftstrike, which you have 1 guy with and as basic spell it won't surprise anyone
13: no other choice
14: correct choice made
15: awesome last card for your deck and a clear signal that there is no red drafter or 1 at max

Pack 2
1: in set 3 draft rule #1 no you will not see a mana elve again. take it here or it's gone and i would have picked it
2: right here it gets really weird. you don't even look at the rare in this pack, then you see bombwright and realize it's a good pick. then you look at the crappy red dude, you say that the cost is bad and all. and then... you just take the bad card.
3: the choice here is ok, i would have prefered the combat trick as it is really strong with smashodon and the elve you took depends on staying on board when you play the big guys
4: there was a point where i decided to write this post. the spiritualist is not only worth some plat, he is a damn good card, giving you your early guys back into the deck, but bigger. that will help you get more threads in the long run than your opponent and he is pretty big for his cost too. your pick here is still ok, but the spiritualist would be better
5: the pack is really full of everything you want, so hard choice. the elve is a good choice, the steadfast guy is good to, red removal troops as well
6: you completely ignore the best pick for your deck her. there is a soloist that you should have picked right away
7: good pick

i will stop here, as it would be a too long post if i go over everything.

i hope you get the idea and if you have any questions, feel free to ask