View Full Version : Legendary Chest Problems

07-30-2015, 04:07 AM
Hello, I can't sell my legendary chests. I have a huge problem with the Auction house. I have 10 set 1 chest and 10 set 2 chest when I list my set 2 chest (all 10 at once) it will put the set 1 chest in the Auction house, tried a few times did try it on other computers ect. impossible to list it.

So I rolled 2 of my legendary set 1 chests and opened them , so I had 8 set 1 chest and 10 set 2 chest. I tried to list the 10 set 2 chest and it listed me 8 set 1 chest and 2 set 2 chest. When I did cancel the auctions it also transformed one set 2 chest into a set 1 chest now i have 9 of both.

I fear listing them and get them transformed again. I did buy those 10 set 1 legendary chests as I want to get the sleeves and wanted to sell my set 10 set 2 chests as I already got the sleeves for set 2. Should I contact support ?

Thank you.