View Full Version : Synn Etherdrake Nomad + Smash to the Ground

08-02-2015, 04:59 AM
Not entirely sure if this is a bug or intended but when fetching a smash to the ground with Etherdrake Nomad subsequently playing the smash to the ground will result in no change to target troops stats.

Now my understanding was the Etherdrake would edit the base cost of a card such as smash the the ground, eye of creation or army of myth and then you would pay the X value which would not be free. e.g for EOC i would get the base cost of 3 for free and then pay the X value. This would prevent me from EOC'ing as many cards as i want for free. When applying this to smash to the ground the base cost is 0 which becomes free and then i pay the X value.

On a side note Etherdrake says you "may" play the card for free, implying i do not have to if i don't want to yet there is no option to pay for any cards which are created by Etherdrake.