View Full Version : Threshold: The Hex Podcast Episode 90 - Gen Con 2015

08-04-2015, 08:57 PM

This week on Threshold we’ll talk all about our Gen Con experience.


08-06-2015, 06:32 PM
Air Elemental is the one for Diamond you missed.

For an elemental deck, I was thinking

4 x Lightning Elemental
4 x Crackling Bolt
4 x Crackling Wit
4 x Cloud Queen
4 x Cloud King
4 x Storm of the Century
4 x Cloud Titan
4 x Sandstone Rumbler (Major Ruby of Destruction)
4 x Water Elemental or Storm Cloud
4 x Shard of Innovation
10 x Ruby Shard
10 x Sapphire Shard

Looks like it could be fun, especially sac'ing Cloud King to bring back in Sandstone Rumblers. Can't say I would recommend this deck though, as it is too slow for arena and far too costly$$$$.

I would like to here your guys thoughts on the Podcast about the in-game event; the low acquisition rate of these underpowered PVE cards and their equipment (minus Cloud Queen's slippers), i.e. RNG of obtaining pack and RNG of what was in the pack; and the do-over of the event after saying these cards could no longer be obtained.