View Full Version : Zombie Themed Card Effect Ideas for the Future

08-09-2015, 02:58 PM
Ok so, I've tried making a zombie themed deck recently but the options are pretty slim at the moment aside from Izydor, Gront's Gift, Corrupted Afterlife, Zombie Plague, and the 4 or so zombie troops. I know that there are more sets planned for release in the future of course, but I just wanted to throw out 3 ideas I had in case Cryptozoic needed a little spark to ignite their creativity :p . Alright, here goes:

Relentless Undead Swarm: "Deal X amount of damage to target troop where X is the amount of Zombies you control."

Bite Victim: "As an additional cost to play this, sacrifice 1 Zombie or exhaust 3 Zombies you control. At the start of your turn add an infection counter to this. If this has 4 or more counters, transform it into a Plague Spreader Zombie"

Plague Spreader Zombie: "If this troop deals non-fatal damage to a non-artifact troop, that troop gets an infected counter. At the start of the opponent's turn add a counter to it. If there are 3 or more counters, you may pay :blood:X (where X is the cost of the infected troop) to revert and transform that troop into a Zombie and put it into play exhausted on your side of the field. If the damage dealt is lethal, you may pay :blood:X to execute the above effect immediately."

Well that's all I've got at the moment. Let me know what ya think and feel free to comment with your own ideas for zombie themed cards.