View Full Version : Card Wars: Cornfield vs Blue Plains disbalance?

08-10-2015, 03:38 AM
Don't you think there is a 'slightly' disbalance in a Cornfield's favor? From a first feeling, Cornfield has too much very strong soldiers (with around 3-4 attack and 10-12 defence) and besides that it has TWO Cornataurs (who deal instant 4 damage to you) and TWO Corn Sceptres (which do exactly the same thing and cost only 1 action) and TWO Field of Nightmares (who do the similar thing and cost just an action too). And you have almost nothing to do vs that. Besides that, Finn has quite a weak soldiers with a 1 attack and poor defence. So, how to play as Finn vs Jake? Maybe some strategies, or overall advices? We've played around 20 games, and Finn didn't win a single game.

Thank you!

08-10-2015, 10:29 AM
Firstly, Corn Scepter deals damage only to a Creature, not player.

Have you tried the game with Hero Cards? They make quite a difference, allowing Finn to have a very easy/early way to FLOOP all of his Creatures. It also gives Jake a 2nd strategy, through utilizing facedown Cornfields. I think it helps to balance it somewhat.

It's possible you've just had a run of bad luck (or maybe some slight missplays) with Finn's deck, as I've shut out the Jake deck through The Pig/Ancient Scholar/Schoolhouse/Cool Dog, many times. With that said, Jake is definitely a more aggressive deck, so I can see why you might feel overwhelmed.

EDIT: As for strategy, just try maintaining board-control with Finn. Keep your creatures FLOOP'd regularly, so they take damage less quickly. You want to be able to pull of combos, rather than outright attacking.