View Full Version : Here is an idea.

08-27-2015, 06:31 AM
I was thinking the other day how great it would be to see a video on the creative process of creating an expansion. I don't know what could be shared about the process to the public, but it is something I would definitely watch and am interested in.

08-28-2015, 01:40 PM
I'd like to see that as well.

08-29-2015, 12:29 AM
Myself, Matt, and Nathaniel all partake in a local MeetUp group for playing games on Fridays here in the area, and we talked about this post tonight. We agree it might be fun for people to see behind the curtain a bit! Maybe not a video, but possibly some blog-type posts from the team was discussed. No promises! Just wanted to let you know the idea was heard and actively discussed. :)

I will say, without spilling any beans yet (I'll leave that for them to do/not do as they see fit), that Matt and Nathaniel spent some time Friday hammering out a first draft of text boxes for a future DC Crossover pack of 20-30 new cards. I'm not officially on the design/development side of things but I pop into their office and help out hang out when I can, and it's always fun listening to them bounce ideas off one another and witness themes grow into wild new cards. Next step getting some play-tests in and seeing what's fun and what's not! :D

08-29-2015, 07:36 AM
Anything would be awesome, even a blog. Regardless if anything comes out of this or not, I am glad my voice was heard and this was talked about. You guys are awesome, keep up the good work :)