View Full Version : Threshold: The Hex Podcast Episode 98 - It's Settled Then

10-05-2015, 09:28 PM

This week on Threshold we’ll talk about the lawsuit between Wizards of the Coast, Hex Entertainment, and Cryptozoic Entertainment. We’ll also talk about the announcement of the $100,000 Hex Invitational dates and how you can qualify. Also, RockPaperShotgun post a couple of Hex related articles, one detailing some PvE. Lastly, there’s concern over the auction house and the misuse of the font.

Also, we start a new audio contest for this episode and the next. Make sure you enter for your chance at a 2015 Convocation pack or (5) AoM packs. And don't forget our weekly "Let's Build a Sealed Gauntlet Deck" article where you can win packs as well.