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10-05-2015, 11:13 PM

These two images confuse me profoundly. Neophyte is confusing because while her job is clearly making humans Necrotic I don't see where there are a crap ton of surgery tools there! Maybe Necrotic's perform surgery cuz it's been stated several times they can care less about their bodies and just move on when one body is useless and resocket the gems. But why the heck does she have a surgery table?! Maybe clerics perform surgery on humans to make their bodies as good as possible before fitting gems?

Also plain and simple.. Is Deadeye an ORC?! I thought Necrotic were only human corpses! The hell? The lore never states that only humans can but minus this card everything points to fact that they only consider humans Sleepers and only attack them so why does this guy look like an orc? The lore states the humans hired other races to fight the Necrotic to avoid raising the inevitable corpses they'll create yet there it is a orc.. Um.. I'm confused... Also if other races can be Necrotic why is there only two orcs? (one of the bat flyers distinctly orcish...)

10-06-2015, 01:43 AM
Neophyte Awakener. There are two possible things to consider when looking at this picture. Number one image as symbolism. I don't think the art has to show the actuality of the card, when sometimes it's useful to show the symbolism of what the essence of the card is. In this case she puts dead things back together.

The second thing to consider is the actuality of the card. Based on the picture and the flavor text she is about to awaken a sleeper. If you have ever seen a dead body at a funeral they look a lot prettier then they did when they died. That is because a trained professional puts the body back together and makes it look good. This includes reattaching limbs, covering wounds, and overall making them appear less then gross. Cause no one to see their loved one look that way. To do that they need surgical tools. Thus what we see here.

Another very fascinating thing to consider is that at no time does the troop she is working on become necrotic. Which is strange because her brother the Callous Awakener does. Oh he also only targets humans. So maybe she also resurrects the dead, human or not.

While we are talking about her brother if we look at him and his art, not only does he make them necrotic, he isn't limited by how powerful the human was in life. (Resource cost) only that they were human to begin with. One definition to Neophyte is apprentice. So maybe she isn't as good as he is at her job. (Arguable when she avoids the human limitation.)

10-06-2015, 03:12 PM
I would go a bit down the route of using lilix as her example shows that the necrotic are willing to experiment and so the use of equipment to bind gems in alternate ways seems possible, this covers dead eye slicer if you are correct and it is orcish necrotic maybe there has been movement within the necrotic to utilise other factions to bolster numbers.

10-07-2015, 03:54 AM
That's not an orc.
Not enough muscle mass for Hex Male Orcs.
Deadeye does resemble orcs from other fantasy universes thou...

To be honest I am more baffled by the presence of a rotary sawblade.
then I remembered that dwarfs are a thing.

10-07-2015, 04:16 AM
Considering that her ability can target any troop with the cost of 3 or below, and we see her with a surgeons table, I wouldn't necessarily say that her job is solely awakening Sleepers/humans. I'm of the same line of thought as Frost on this card. She's probably experimenting around with resurrecting the dead (human or not). So, while obviously she does awaken Sleeper as her job, this card shows that the Necrotic also experiment in or has ties to resurrecting humans and non-humans as well.

As you already said, the Necrotic only turn humans, so the Ripper can't be an Orc solely for that fact unless we're told otherwise. As for the slightly pointy ears and under bite, that is most likely an art and lore disconnect. The dev outline to the artist what they want from the piece (character, focus, mood, lighting, secondary objects, and the like), but the artist does usually have some leeway when it comes to filling out the rest of the blanks. That's why they usually send back multiple rough draft and have the devs approve which one that becomes the final piece. This is probably a case of, "Oh. I guess we didn't catch that error."