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11-15-2015, 06:59 AM
Hey there!

I've got something to share with you all!
A few of my friends have been commenting that the wiki's for Hex are all out of date and some filled with so many ads (if you don't have adblock). They kinda persuaded me to get working on a wiki for Hex!

This is an unofficial wiki (ofc) and it's run by me and several members of the community. KingGabriel, Ristarrel and Tadaaki were the first players to really help out.

Obviously, it's not complete, but we've been working to make it presentable to the community, and we feel that it is like that now!

You can find the wiki we're working on here - http://wiki.hex4newbies.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

What we'd like is for members of the community to come join in and help us keep it up to date.

What you can do:

You need to create an account to make content this is just an anti-spam measure.
Everything except the front page can be edited/created by you guys! If you feel like changing the Front page, leave a note in the discussion page.
For the time being, content you make needs to be approved by one of our mod teams. However once we see a person making a lot of articles, we'll remove that restriction on him/her.

We'll find ways to give some rewards to people that really help!

This is all about helping Hex, so I hope that people join in!

11-15-2015, 06:44 PM
Maybe I'm just blind, but I can't find any way to register an account!
Also, if you are able to change the error messages, a change could be made to the log in error. From a security perspective it's generally a bad idea to show different error messages if a non-existing username is entered, or if an existing username with an incorrect password is entered.

11-16-2015, 11:25 AM
Sorry, fixed registrations!

and idk what you mean about the log in error messages :/

11-16-2015, 12:41 PM
Do you see this as a place for the community to crowd source a Rules Guide?

11-16-2015, 04:08 PM
and idk what you mean about the log in error messages :/

If you try to log in with a username that doesn't exist and an arbitrary password you get the error message "There is no user by the name [...]", but if you try to log in with a username that exists, like lixil, you get the error "Incorrect password entered. Please try again."
So that way it's possible for an attacker to check which usernames are registered, which makes it a lot easier for them. It's a minor problem but I figured I should point it out anyway!

12-15-2015, 01:45 PM
thanks for that 05, not sure if we can change it but will try.

On the other hand, we re-designed the front page so it now looks a lot more organised and structured!

03-09-2016, 05:54 AM
Hey Lixil, my changes from 28th of February and forward are still pending, could you take a look?