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12-02-2015, 03:45 PM
I felt like making my own Fierylands Landscape, similar to Icylands, but with some different rules for fun! I haven't gotten a chance yet to playtest anything yet with proxies, but I figure it would be pretty powerful.

Main Mechanic: Burn Tokens
A burn token is placed on a landscape like a frozen token, but instead they read: at the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to Creature on this Landscape. If it is empty, it deals 1 damage to you instead. Remove by discarding a card on your turn.

A Burn Token placed over a Frozen Token "melts" it, and a Frozen Token placed over a Burn Token "extinguishes" it.

Fieryland Creatures and Spells can do high damage at the cost of hurting yourself

Because a Burn Token is more dangerous than a Frozen, Fieryland Creatures have less defense. This also means, if you're playing as Flambo, your Creatures will be more powerful, but die quicker.

Edit: I did some shoddy work in GIMP to make some more appealing proxies!
https://i.imgur.com/WCDPrhF.jpg (cards)
http://i.imgur.com/QYU7YCy.jpg (landscapes)
http://i.imgur.com/GoCtSr7.jpg (heroes)


- Volcano

- Lake of Lava

- Volcanic Vents

- Flaming Pits


CREATURES Name [art] (Cost, Atk/Def): Ability

- Ash Djinni [smoky djinni] (1, 1/6): When Ash Djinni enters play, if it replaced a creature, deal 2 damage to target opponent

- Burnie [campfire with sunglasses] (1, 0/6) At the start of your turn, deal 1 Damage to Burnie. Burnie has +1ATK for each point of damage.

- Burning Man [flaming WBM] (0, 0/8): Whenever a Burn token is removed, it deals 1 damage to that player.

- Ember Juggler [flaming guy, juggling hot coals] (1, 1/5): Pay 1 Action> Burn target Landscape

- Dragoon [dragon in burglar outfit, firing a blunderbuss](1, 2/6) When Dragoon enters play, Burn a landscape in this lane

- Fire Elemental [](2, 2/7) Fire Elemental has +1ATK for each Landscape with a Burn token on it players control

- Fire Wall [] (2, 1/10) Fire Wall has +2ATK while defending against Creature on a Burning Landscape

- Flame Dragon []: (2, 2/8): Pay 1 Action> Burn a Landscape in this lane

- Gaceline [gasoline jug with wig] (1, 0/6) When Gaceline leaves play, deal 2 damage to ALL creatures (including your own)

- Hot Dog [flaming dog](1, 1/7) When Hot Dog deals damage to a creature, Burn a landscape in this lane

- Lava Man [] (1, 4/3) At the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to Lava Man (*a mechanic I might further explore, signifying a dying flame)

- Matchy (0, 3/1) Rainbow Creature

- Melting Minotaur [melting bronze minotaur statue] (2, 3/8) Melting Minotaur has +1ATK when opposing landscape has a Burn token on it

- Mortar Launcher [mortar or flaming catapult] (1, 2/6): Remove a Burn token from this Landscape, deal 3 damage to target creature

- Scorcher [fiery beach mum] (1, 1/6) FLOOP> Deal 2 damage to target Creature on Burning Landscape

[B]SPELLS Name [art] (cost) effect

- Flamethrower [] (1) Burn two target Landscapes

- Meteor [flaming meteor shower] (1) Deal 2 damage +1 damage for each card you discard to target creature or player

- Matchbox (1) Burn target Landscape, draw a card

- Scorch Landscape (2) Destroy a Fierylands Creature you control, Burn target Landscape and flip it face down

- Volcanic Cataclysm [volcano raining fire] (2) Deal 3 damage to ALL creatures (including your own)

counter fire/ice*
- Melt [melting snowcaps] (rainbow) (2) Remove all Frozen tokens in play

- Extinguish [fire extinguisher] (rainbow) (2) Remove all Burn tokens in play


- Furnace [] (2) Burn tokens in this lane deal 2 damage instead of 1

- Magma Pool [fire elementals lounging in a lava pool] (2) Your Creature on this Landscape has +1ATK during your turn for each Burn token in play

- Obsidian Obelisk [] (1) When a landscape in this lane becomes Burnt, deal 2 damage to target Creature

- Smoke Shack [shack with hanging sausages and bbq] (2) Pay 1 Action> Burn target Landscape in this lane

anti fire* - Fire Station (1) Pay 1 Action> Remove all Burn tokens in this lane

HEROES - Flame Princess: The first time you burn a landscape this turn, deal 1 damage to target player

- Flambo: Creatures you control Landscapes with burn Tokens get +2ATK

- Flame King (Fiery/Swamp) Once during each of your turns, you may Discard a card> Burn target Landscape

- Cinnamon Bun (Fiery/Nice) ?

- Don John Flame Lord ?

- Scorcher (Fiery/Sandy) ?

- Fire Count ?

- Flame Guard ?

Sample Deck

2x Ash Djinni
2x Burning Man
2x Dragoon
2x Ember Juggler
2x Fire Dragon
1x Fire Elemental
2x Fire Wall
2x Gaceline
2x Hot Dog
1x Lava Man
2x Matchy
1x Melting Minotaur
2x Mortar Launcher
2x Scorcher

2x Matchbox
2x Meteor
2x Flamethrower
1x Scorch Landscape
1x Volcanic Cataclysm
1x Volcano

1x Furnace
1x Magma Pool
1x Obsidian Obelisk
1x Smoke Shack
2x Celestial Castle

Let me know what you think, or if you have an idea for another card!

12-08-2015, 12:30 AM
Whoa, neat! I was just thinking on the bus ride home an hour ago that there should be a fire-themed faction (I thought of the name "BurnyLands" because FieryLands seemed too obvious), and this is more or less what I had envisioned. I also had an idea of a FieryLands deck helmed by Flame Princess (though Flambo could be another good possibility), which could be paired with a "MagickyLands" deck piloted by none other than Magic Man.