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12-08-2015, 12:23 AM
Being a fan of Adventure Time, I'm a little surprised it's taken me this long to develop an interest in Card Wars, especially since I thoroughly enjoyed the episode of the same name. I'm most interested in four of the Collectors' Packs in particular (Finn vs. Jake, BMO vs. Lady Rainicorn, Ice King vs. Marceline and Lemongrab vs. Gunter; Peebles and LSP can wait till later), and, since Google's really not helping me much at all, I have some questions to ask about the game:

1. Which starter is best for newcomers? I know this question may be redundant and all the decks are probably designed for players of any skill level, but I just thought I'd see which decks others find the simplest to play.

2. How do each of the six current factions play? As a sub-question, what are the theme colours of each faction (primary/secondary)?

3. How do the Hero cards work? I assume they function as some sort of avatar for the player, but what kind of boon do they provide? Are any Heroes better/weaker than others?

I hope you can answer my questions! :)

OFF-TOPIC: I'm kind of new to these forums (actually, this is my first time here), and I couldn't find a sub-forum where I could introduce myself and ask technical questions relating to the forum and its functions. If anyone could direct me to such a forum, It'd be awesome of you. :D

12-08-2015, 04:33 PM
1. I would say the Finn vs. Jake is the best pack to learn how to play. It has simple mechanics that translate to the other sets.

2. Cornfields make use of strong, aggressive creatures, and recently with Lemongrab, allow you to flip over landscapes for a variety of reasons. They can also become stronger/weaker depending on how many Cornfields you have face up.
Blue Plains uses a lot of combos. It excels at drawing, moving creatures or using a lot of spells.
Sandyland cards mostly have effects that activate when they come in/out of play or are powered by playing a lot of creatures in a turn.
Useless Swamps has a lot of cards that make your opponent discard, or make you discard to gain an additional effect. Swamps also benefit from having a large discard pile. Many cards have a +X for every 5 cards in your discard pile effect.
Nicelands using healing/dealing damage to make your creatures stronger. Many creatures will get more attack when they have a specific amount of damage on them.
Icylands uses Frozen tokens to block your opponents from playing creatures until it is removed. Gunter's deck is similar, but benefits from freezing your own landscapes as well.
Rainbow cards covers all the cards that can go in any deck, as they are not restricted by what landscapes you have.

This is just a basic overview; obviously they're not restricted to just these. I would say Corn is the most straightforward to play, and for me, it took me a few games to really see how Useless Swamps can be played effectively.

3. Hero cards add another level of strategy to the game if you decide to use them. They can add a passive effect such as Gunter's (creatures on landscapes your control with frozen tokens on them have +1ATK) or effects that can be used each turn such as Finn's (Creatures you control with no damage on them have Floop>>> Deal 1 damage to target creature). It all boils down to your play style or what deck you're using. I've made some decks that can be played with any hero, and others built around a specific Hero's mechanic.

I hope this helps!