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12-17-2015, 07:20 PM

I'm making some custom heroes/villains for me and my friends and here are the first two. Each will be focused on a different set. I need some outside opinions for balancing.


Set - Forever Evil
Thematic - The Germ-Infecting "Shady Figure" dirties up the Line-Up
Usage - Eat Weaknesses to destroy and fill the Line-Up, lock up the Line-Up and force enemies to buy your Weaknesses or Vulnerabilities or else let you get big power and buy Super-Villains


Set - Teen Titans
Thematic - Versatility and Speed
Usage - Ignore the discard requirement of an Ongoing to use it again or keep it around, or ignore discard requirements such as those on The Flash or the Royal Flush Gangs.


Set undefined
Thematic - Dancing on Decks
Usage - Attacks force enemies to draw and shuffle, self-drawing forces you to draw, big early-game advantage w/ small deck, slows down as he "fattens up". (Elvis-style)